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unique sunsation ????

Old 11-18-2008, 06:26 PM
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the customers just wanna get there "bling on" on TV.... yeah thats how i roll... one arm shake/hug big will... man thats tight
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well all i have to say is the boat looked great. customer looked happy. mahopac and sunsation did a great showing of the boat. im impressed. nice job guys.
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Old 11-18-2008, 11:16 PM
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Will is a piece of garbage!!
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Old 11-19-2008, 12:04 AM
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Just finished watching the show. It was quick and not as much detail as I would like to see.

Screw the Jeeps and do the entire show on Sunsation!

I really didn't get to see the install, so no opinion, but then I never watch those type of shows anyway.

Two things bothered me though.

1. Using some type of paper towel on Mitcher T's paint while rubbing something on.
2. Considering that Mitcher T uses my products. I didn't like some guys from philly spraying some type of tire shine product on the fiberglass.

If Unique is going to be focusing on boats in Miami then hire someone that just does boat. Boat care is completely different than car care, so do your homework and find the best in the business!

If this show is something that Sunsation is going to pursue then please let me know. I'll give Mitch a few cases for you guys and help where needed.

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Originally Posted by marineclean View Post
If Unique is going to be focusing on boats in Miami then hire someone that just does boat. Boat care is completely different than car care, so do your homework and find the best in the business!


premier performance, best in the business as far as custom goes.
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Old 11-19-2008, 07:49 AM
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Regardless of how you feel about Unique iif the show wasn't drawing veiwers, it wouldn't be on T.V.
Hat's off to the Sunsation guys and Mahopac for smart free marketing in a down economy. Their on a roll as of late and still selling boats in one of the worst economic conditions that this country has seen in a long time, while others wait around hoping things change.

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I watched the show last night, the install looked decent but it was pretty basic... I would rather have a nice surround system down below and a banging system up top. The whole thing was too quick to get a good idea of how they actually installed it but I do think it looked nice, just kind of basic for a TV show.
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Old 11-19-2008, 08:33 AM
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It came out nice and the customer DID ask for it to be basic. I did notice that they used MDF on the boat. BIG TIME NO NO!! Mahopac, if you continue to use him make sure that he uses other products and only stainless steel. Things like starboard..... Other then that it was some good coverage for you, good job!!
Put your best foot forward!
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iti s an interesting show to me, obviously we don't get to see the finished product up close and personal to really see the detail.....we all know on camera things can look real good while in person you see the defects........that guy from Miami seemed to be a guy that cares about his work, though........

there's a lot of drama on the show because it is, well, a, why such urgency to get the "twins" back in a week? Puffy likes drama, simple....he looked like an idiot hanging out the driver's side as he drives down the street.....

but hey, like it or not, you have to give props to Will for the business he has created..........

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Originally Posted by cosmic12 View Post
I have to laugh at all those shows, Rides/ Am Chopper / pimp / unique / the Truck one / Over haul'n all of them are such B.S. to anyone that has been around or built a few cars, bikes, boats, I have done show cars and alot of over the top customs and when I see Chip Foose and his boys almost completely cover a car with bondo I gotta think hummm what's up with that. I gyess they don't know what a body hammer and dolly are or have a clue how to use a torch to gas wield or to shrink with heat. Enough of the rant I just hope all goes well with the boats. Good Luck I say.
Chip Foose is hardly a hack. Can you say, Riddler Award?
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