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Splashing Hulls: Right or Wrong?

Old 03-17-2002, 10:15 PM
Havasu Barney
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Originally posted by BK

Nope. Because sometime between 1997 and 1999 those Mirage molds that were supposed to be destroyed showed up at Liberators shop. And guess who now works there! It's not hard to figure that one out.

I would imagine he's already formed an alibi though. Smart ones always do.
Oh my BK, seems like you may have given him far too much time to complete that little run to the dump.

The infamous 2 year dump run, you could chalk up a bunch of hours like that! Was that shop time scheduled by the Clerk?

At $9 an hour X 40 hours per week X 104 weeks, thats $37,440

Hmmm, that clears it up for me. You sure he didn't own the molds for that price?

Something wrong with that story.........

Next time, when you want molds destroyed....... CHAINSAW about $50, should only take about an hour @ $9.

$60 Then there's no mystery.
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LOL T2X You are right that Cat was a Monstrosity of biblical proportions, I found myself on one Years back in Bahrain the original inboards were removed and they had 4 Yamaha 250s installed on a Pantograph Bracket .Mr. Dean Pink and Myself had the unenviable job of making it all work. Problem being it belonged to the brother of the King.

Best Regards
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Old 03-17-2002, 10:21 PM
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Default sigh

Barney Banrey Barney, Man you really must have been hitting that NOS way too much. Say is that anew purple skin your wearing? I mean the name Barney and all came from somewhere right? And nothing is original right? Barney from a kids show, stolen molds from Mirage, Eliminator, Skater man how far does the list go? who's next, Bayliner or Mercury. Hell I bet theres a Liberator PWC on its way huh? Oh well, when you get someone who's in that kind of financial shape, I'll guess they'll do anything for money...thankfully I don't know anyone like that. Unfortunatly, Brad and BK tried to do something nice and well...nice people finish last. But thats ok, right? Hey I'm getting pretty good with GelCoat, I got a big garage, hmm..maybe i'll go get a Liberator plug and build a boat!
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Old 03-17-2002, 10:46 PM
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Hey Barn,

I dont really care what you do, or what it is exactly you sell, or how you get it, or even what method you use to sell what your selling.

It's hot in here, and I had a feeling you'd do what you could to try to tarnish our image, even if it meant lying and making up stuff. Certainly is keeping us away from the thread topic, right?

I once wondered why the new owner of Mirage isn't going after those molds that he thought had been destroyed, but then I figured he probably isn't going to be too concerned with companies that pick up stuff from other company's trash piles.

As a matter of fact, he's got a major plug project going on, and he's way too preoccupied with what he'll be offering in the future; better to put full effort there, than to waste it on worrying about designs of the past.

So keep on trucking on, Barney. And good luck. Seriously. And may you keep "finding" designs that are cool before the US Copyright Vessel Hull Protection Act catches up with you.
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Old 03-17-2002, 11:12 PM
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Exclamation Read what I wrote!

I love ANY boat as much as the next OSO Junkie on here. I stated FACTS from a Liberator dealer told me trying to get me to buy a boat. He said the they moved the cockpit 18" foward, the boat was faster, and it had a "SMALL" cabin/lay down area. I OWN A REAL 24 SKATER. As I rigged my boat last year it is hard to forget having to slide over the 2 full size bulkheads in the bow area of a REAL SKATER with the dash18" further back than a Liberator. What I am saying is that if the tunnel is padded big enough for two people to get on to as I was told by a Liberator Rep. ther cant be any bulkheads in this boat? You are correct I have never seen one in person but seen several different photos. Not that I am the brightest boater in the world because I barrel rolled my boat at 90 with very minor damage to the hull how would the boat have held up with no bulheads in the bow area? I don't understand how people can think that splashing is right much less than to say that there splashines are soooo much better?????
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speel chekk this fokker!
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can't we all just get along.....................
Pardon me, while I whip this out!
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This thread just reinforces the idea even more for the boat buyer," Do your homework before you make a purchase!!!" Ask for professional help if needed. If you want many opinions, post it on OffshoreOnly!

Digital Photography & Video one BYTE at a time !
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Cool boat building,

I have seen and worked on alot of boats.Eliminators are considered to be one of the highest quality boats money can buy and they don't have bulkheads like a Skater although they do have enough lay up they can have a cuddy area.Seen Fountain's with the bottom delaminating,work on several that have already been factory repaired.When you build light boats for race /pleasure you can expect fatigue because you will see it eventually or you will be a heavy/rough water boat.I hope Mirage gets the new plug done because the designs of the past are kicking their ass, in SuperSport anyway.How about that old STV of Carvers setting the outboard drag mark at 136+mph.The quality of a boat comes from the builder of the boat and the material used.
This site has many members that can buy whatever they want so they will buy the Name first,All you guys with Motion's,Spectre's
and all the other partial knockoffs you are outcast's in the BK world and you should be ashamed. s**t
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I removed a good portion of this post because I'm just not going to allow myself to get involved in this petty BS.

We've met dozens, if not hundreds, of people who own splashes and they've never been considered outcasts in our book. Why would anyone blame the customers? Most are good people who just got the wool pulled over their eyes.

So, can we please stop with the fake rumors and character assault stuff, and get back to discussing this subject now?

This thread is about splashing: The companies that take designs that belong to others and call them their own, and what percentage of the members of OSO think it is ethical or not.

Last edited by BK; 03-18-2002 at 07:29 PM.
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Here is a 24'-4" Concord
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