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Gary Taylor Arrested

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Originally Posted by daredevil View Post
Ok,i think firewifey is his wife ,,,and we all have to agree that we will wait for the outcome of this unbelieveble trial !!!!!
Oh No No No....He def. IS NOT my husband....I don't think his wife would be on these forums/blogs yick yacking about something so personal that is about to be made public information via media outlets in less than a week. I am sure his wife is at the therapists office; not sitting on the computer....Duh.

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[QUOTE=firewifey;2767603]Oh Yes Yes Yes....He def. IS my hubby....I think all good wifeys should be on these forums/blogs yick yacking about something so personal that is about to be made public information via media outlets in less than a week. I have to run i'm late for my appt at my therapists office; check back in later

WOW now thats a good wife there
Pass the Vicodins please
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[QUOTE=Bryan Rose;2765962]

I do have to say that the Havasu Lifestyle is a bit over the edge and people have to live with what they do out there forever.....Nuff said......

WoW so Havazoo is filled with badd peoples ????
I would think you could find trouble where ever you go if thats what your [email protected]@kin for

Innocent till proven GUILTY

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Originally Posted by 5150 View Post
I wouldn't. And I show no pitty for him whatsoever. Just because he is an overpaid "hero" doesn't mean shiat to me. While it is PC to wait for due process, he is guilty until proven innocent in my eyes.
The other site that he frequents can't believe what happened. Most of them appear to be (until the thread got deleted by Rexone) judging him by his "online" character and discounting the fact that his bail is at 1 million, there appears to be a confession, a sting that caught him, and I'm sure other things that are disturbing.
I think it is a joke for Rexone to come on here and sling shiat defending the people of PB, and I'm one of them. In my eyes, if you do not stand up for the children then you are a pos as well. I truly hope that justice is served and this guy gets hurt in a big way.
5150 I will take issue with your post in a couple areas. You should review the facts.

1. No thread was deleted. It is locked. I will explain the difference to you. When a thread is locked it's contents remains visible. When a thread is deleted it's content is no longer visible. This person is not going to be tried and aquitted or convicted on that boating forum. What OSO chooses to let happen here is their business. I will continue to defend what I feel is right and my own character when attacked.

2. I did not sling sh it. The gentleman I addressed did.

3. You are implying that I am a piece of sh it in your post above. The other gentleman implied I was a perv. You are both out of line. I did not defend or imply innocence in this case. I welcome you to come by my shop at any time and call me a piece of sh it right to my face like you are so arrogantly willing to online.

4. You like the other guy obviously have some Godlike power to determine innocence or guilt prior to a trial. Your attitude is "exactly" the reason why that thread was locked. It is also exactly why this country has a legal and court system. It is not PC for due process either as you stated. It is the law of the land and one of the foundations this country was built on. If you don't like it and choose to presume guilt over innocence or visa versa without trial and hard evidence presented to judge or jury perhaps a middle eastern country would better suit your beliefs.

If the guy is innocent he should walk. If he is guilty he should pay a heavy price. Its as simple as that. In either case it is not for members of a boating forum to decide based on second or third hand information their buddy told them. It is for the court to decide after examining the "facts".

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Originally Posted by offshoredrillin View Post
is it Just me, but has everyone overlooked the obvious of the name isellpower...sounds like a competitor with an agenda to me.
I'm an energy trader, but thank's for asking. I'm sure Griff's heard of Tenaska or TMV. I also own half of one of the 1st or 2nd largest custom home building companies in our area, not that it means squat right now. I have kids and I despise pervs. By competitor I hope you meant engine building and not picking up on underage chicks.
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I'm locking this thread till we get more information....
You are judged by the company you keep!
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