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What Happens When Drive Breaks Off?

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What Happens When Drive Breaks Off?


Old 01-24-2009, 08:42 AM
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Default What Happens When Drive Breaks Off?

What Happens When Drive Breaks off Spiderman 2003 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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happened to me... thank god the bellows and stearing held it on till i got it outta the water
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Old 01-24-2009, 11:15 AM
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Like Dreamer said if the tie bar comes off, bellows rip and down she goes. Fortunately ( or unfortunately LOL ) the tie bar held the drive on and had sort of a happy ending. LOL No hull damage. Just drives and ego. Happened on Georgian Bay's 30,000 Islands back in 2002. Many of the 30,000 Islands lurk just below the surface.
No problems since. I learned another lesson.
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Man, Dean at the Bravo Shop must love you.
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If the drive ripps off, you can keep from sinking, but YA GOT TO GET WET. Jump in with a towl and shove it in there, if you got Duck tape start wrapping. Usually will slow the inflow so that the bilges can keep up. However you need to keep a motor running (obviously in neutral) to keep the battery charged and bilge pumps running WOT.

We had a sales rep work for us years ago, hit a Dock pole, (like telephone pole) in the water while delivering a boat. Ripped Alpha clean off, he called up on his cell phone, and was like the boat is sinking, I told him what to do, he refused to get in the water. I cused him out and said WTF do youthink is going to happen when the boat sinks. Seriously the boat sank I plucked his azz out of the water, he was shorty let go after that.

BTW, the we purchased the boat at full market price from customer, our insurance paid us dick on it and we just ate it.
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Old 01-24-2009, 12:34 PM
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[QUOTE=FREEZE FRAME VIDEO;2784933]What Happens When Drive Breaks off ???[Quote]

You go by a pair of Arnesons
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Happened to me a couple of years ago, hitting a submerged log on the Fraser river.
Same scenario , external steering and tiebar held the universal driveshaft from sliding out of the gimbal bearing ,leaving a gaping hole.
Another good reason to have external steering besides the obvious benefits.

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interesting thread. there was a shot in a racing video where the boat spun out, drive snapped and appeared over teh transom.
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Looks like the gimbal housings break first? Did the gimbal rings/transom assemblies break on any of these?
Long time cult member.
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I'm shivering in my boots looking at those shots,UGLY!!
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Quick Reply: What Happens When Drive Breaks Off?

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