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It's been a while but have a new story!!

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Originally Posted by el indio View Post
i think donations are in order. i plege $100.00 to ginos good hearted deed. anyone else. post adress please will mail check. mm.
If Gino reconsiders, count me in for a C note. Breaks my heart to know what pain she had to encounter. Has the Doc performed any surgery yet?
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Damn it Gino,
Karma has come back to bite me in the azz for putting up that laughing smiley. Girl friend just called me with 2 dogs she found in a parking lot.. so I went up there and now they are here.. printing fliers now
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I'm in...
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We'll take her if the other deal falls through. My brother is a vet with a practice in Pensacola if you decide to look for options.
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Gino you have bangin stories...... This reminds me of a story my grandfather used to tell me it really didn't apply here but maybe it could fit in this particular situation or maybe I will get harassed to no end for it but here it goes....

Boy I ain't never had no bad *****....just some I wished I wouldn't have got!!!!!!!

Hope everything works out for you and your well...... you can fill in the blank!
Dying,....Is the day worth living for!!!!!!
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You are a true animal lover and should be proud of your self for getting involved. I hope and pray that it works out great.
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We were up all night. We got some news about 8:00 that was completely unexpected. New problems with Gina. Here Bladder and the nerve to her bladder were very swollen from her trauma. They thought the swelling would go down and not be an issue. Because she hasn't been able to pee on her own they think the nerve may be permenetly damaged which means she will never be able to pee by herself which obviously would not be an option. This is extremely emotional as we thought everything would be fine, expensive but fine. Please cross you fingers for her!
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I accidentally ran over my cat one time. I left about 7 one night and came back home around 12am. The cat had been laying there the whole time. No vets were open till morning so I kept it warm and took him as soon as I could. IT was the same injuries Gino described. THe vet told me I could put it down or wait and see. They gave it pain meds for a few days and I took it home. That damn cat yowled for 2 nights but after about 2 weeks he was up hobbling around. After a month you couldn't tell any difference other than his ass was twice as narrow as before!!
Cats truly do have 9 lives, They have to because they're so damn stupid. The one my Wife has is going to get killed because he thinks everyone and everything should move around him!
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These situations just suck. One of our dogs Raven had gone in to be spayed a couple months ago. Came home, she is doing fine, then all of a sudden pain. Can barely walk, can't do stairs. Just horrible to see. Every specialist says it is something else. Eventually she goes into surgury for what they think is a hurnieated disc. Sorry about the spelling. It turns out she has an infection in her spine. The worst part is the doctor had orders that if it was too bad in there to put her down. Thank god it went well. She is walking again. Still can't do stairs, but she is not in pain. 10 grand later, and still a lot of recovery to go, but she is still with us. Gino you are one hell of a man to do this for an animal that isn't even yours. Good luck and we send our best to you and Gina.
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Gino, I just read this whole thread. This was truely fantastic what you are doing for a strange animal in need of help. Long story short here, I really think I can help you with this advice. There is a lady that you NEED to call about this, she's from Michigan City Ind. Her name is Marilee Snyder. Way too much info to type here about what she does, but she helped us with a similar problem we had with one of our dogs. The dog had'nt pee'd in weeks, she blew up like a balloon, took her to the vet. The vet tried everything in his problem, and after a few days he told us that we had to put her down. This lady Marilee gave us a cure for the dog. We asked the vet if he'd do it for us, and he said that he'd try anything we wanted cause he was out of options, and the dog was dying. Her method worked in 2 days. The doctor was absolutley amazed, could'nt believe that this method worked. They kept her for 2 more days to make sure everything was working well, then we took her home. She was 14 years old when that happened. That was 2 years ago. Unfortunately she just died at the foot of our bed last thursday night. She had a good life.
Gino, call me and I'll give you her #'s


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