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docking a boat with twins

Old 02-09-2009, 05:44 PM
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Best advice I got for docking twins is to get their permission first.. but if your talking about a boat drive it like a Bobcat.
Wheel stright and no throttle.
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when i was selling boats I would always use the bobcat advice, or if you have ever driven a dune buggy or a tractor with independent rear brakes....just use reverse as your brake...the engine in reverse will need a couple hundred more rpm's to make the boat pivot on its own axis or keep it from pushing forward in a manuver, dont get in a hurry....and like previously mentioned if your drives turn in it is a bit harder, just be patient...
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I still have troubles when backing in my slip 5 yrs later. My biggest problem is when bringing the nose around, it keeps on going till I'm all fugged up. I stay in gear a little to long. Just hard habit to break. I do find a little wheel movement works best for me though.

My easiest way of backing up is standing up, facing rearward and using the shift levers and drive it like a bull dozer. Peice of cake with no thinking that way. But with my center mounted LH levers, it's easier for me to do.
As already mentioned, stay off the throttles. Period. I tell my wife to not even put her hand on them. A panic situation will go very badly with some gas applied. A tap is better then a bang. Practice in open to get the feel of the response, and then with no other boats around at teh docks. Good luck
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You should do just what everyone else mentioned. It looks hard at first but you get the hang of it pretty easy. I would suggest doing this during the week somewhere first so you are able to get the hang of it before you hit the local hot spot on a sat and have hundreds of people watching you back your boat in from the deck. Good luck and congrats on the new purchase.
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Trim the drives to level or slightly above level.
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Originally Posted by JaayTeee View Post
Forget the steering wheel,
leave the drives in the straight
ahead position, do the maneuvering
with individual shifter inputs.

....And, don't get in a hurry.
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Originally Posted by omerta one View Post
Trim the drives to level or slightly above level.

this is a good point..especially for a staggered set up. Some throttle at times will be necessary, or bumping in gear the forward gear at times when trying to rotate on a circle. If side by side..super easy...Just practice, and take you're time. Jeff
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any suggestions on moving closer to the dock when parrellel to it ? i never seem to be able to get up tight to it , loose patience and start throwing ropes ?

Also thought the thumb rule is great , just gotta remember it after the ice thaws ..

Damn I miss my boat
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Originally Posted by ziemer View Post
I was always told it's like driving a "tracked" bulldozer. .
I used to tell people this but then I realized, how many people actually know how to drive a bulldozer?
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Old 02-09-2009, 07:42 PM
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F*ck it, just bounce it off the dock a few times & you'll have all the help you'll ever need after you get the reputation of the guy who tore up so-and-so's boat/dock whatever. EVERYONE will rush out to help.
In all seriousness, I've never been able to master the hands off the wheel docking part. I guess because my 29 is small & I spin my wheels in? Our 85' Houseboat is the same way, but I think that is because it has a 3' draft.
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