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Ilmor's new drive

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It looks like a nice drive set up, it will be interesting to see where it leads.. Jamie
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a thought. Why don't Ilmor get on board with Dodge dealers and offer service there? After all it is a viper motor. Also it would be a way to jump light years ahead in dealer networking. Someone just posted there is a Merc sign in every town. There are a hell of a lot more Dodge dealerships than Merc.
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Default Ilmor Drive

I spent 2 hours at the Ilmor booth on Thursday with Paul Ray, Bob Mason, Ian Hawkins and others from Ilmor. You could not ask for a nicer group of men. At the time of the unveiling there were many of the well known guys there, Bob Teague, Peter Hledin from Skater, Kevin Cooper of Powerboat, Joe Zelinski of CMI, and conspiciously missing was Fred Kiekaffer.

The drive has a transmisson of their design with 4 hp parasitic loss. The drive itself has a 24 hp parasitic loss for a total loss of 28 hp. Shifting can be accomplished by wire or cable. I am not totally up on the 6 Drive and transmissions but some of the non Ilmor folks in the booth were talking a 40 hp loss on a Bam transmission and 40 more through the 6 drive. I cannot speak to the accuracy of these numbers.

An engine connected to the drive can be placed in a traditional "Bravo" position with acceptable hp up to 900 as I recall. That will be great for refits. The new 725 V10 has a new water pump of Ilmor design, they used Hardin earlier, and meets the stupid CARB regs as well as the European stuff. Interestingly, they have a totally new propritary computer module that they did inhouse for a cool million in cost. The total R&D cost for this package was upwards of $10mil. I would say that Ilmor is dedicated.

Cost for the 725 and drive is $60k. Its 2 days removed now and I'm too old to remember much more.

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Originally Posted by daredevil View Post
Looks nice ,,but i realy don't think its gonna be that much competitive to the Merc's ,,since so manytried that already and its just not working !!!
I say congrats to Ilmor!!! Mercury cornered them because their engine package competed with some of mercs flagship packages and they tried to cut Ilmor out of the market by not offering the NXT package separate from the engine package. Then jacking the prices way up to where you may as well go the extra mile for a #6... Talk about trying to monopolize a market and squash a competitor... I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing the NXT sold seperately and prices coming down to push them out of the market.

Kudo's to Ilmor for stepping up and doing their own thing regardless of the outcome!

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Isn't the 725 + Ilmor drive package significantly lower priced than the 700SCi + NXT combo?
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The package is a direct "bolt-on" for a #6 <EDIT: Sorry - NXT> installation. Same bolt pattern, cutout and propshaft height. Spacers are avaliable in 1/2", 1" and 2". No changes are required to the vertical shafts when installing spacers - They've allowed enough spline engagement from the start. The clutch is hydraulic, so there is no "bang" when shifting. Tons of other very slick features as well....

Paul Ray himself told that they designed it for 1,000 hp and 1,000 lb-ft, not just their own current packages. One of the guys described it as "#6 capacity at NXT prices".

Fred K was there EARLY Thursday morning. Was not smiling.
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Default Ilmor compared to Mercury Racing

When you look at these two companies they could not be more different. Ilmor is known Worldwide for facing the competition and winning through innovation and engineering.

Mercury racing has an outboard that is 20 year old technology and a similar age sterndrive that has only been upgraded once the aftermarket did it first. They win races by racing no one. If a challenger appears they use politics to eliminate it rather than engineering and innovation.

The fact that Ilmor is owned by a man that has competed in all forms of motorsports is just an added bonus!

Well done Ilmor!
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Originally Posted by freshwaterfiend View Post
Isn't the 725 + Ilmor drive package significantly lower priced than the 700SCi + NXT combo?

The 700SCI/NXT complete package is $50,000-$55,000.
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maybe ilmor is planning to up the power on there v-10 motor's ?

any thought's
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The 725 with the Indy Drive package retails around 80k. European and CARB certified
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