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Quiet Waters in New York

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Default Quiet Waters in New York

As you may or may not know, there has been a proposal here in New York's Adirondack Park to designate (among ones which already are) a few Lakes and Ponds as "Quiet Waters". Meaning that no gas or diesel powered motorized vessels on those Lakes & Ponds, unless you own a house or camp on the proposed waters. They will have to be Electric or man powered only. This is due to the complaints of the "extreme" environmentalists complaint that there are not enough lakes and ponds in the Adirondacks that are quiet and peaceful. If this measure is to pass and the proposed Lakes and Ponds, they will be taking the rights of the "enthusiast boaters" away. Once this happens, what Lakes are next? Maybe Lake Champlain, Lake George, the Great Sacandaga, and many, many more. What needs to be done is more people like you and I, speak our opinion to our local State representatives and fight this issue. In all reality, I think the motorized vessel user's far out numbers the canoeist's. And if this is shown in great numbers, the DEC, the APA and the Environmentalists will possibly abandon their quest, at least for the time being, until they figure out another way to try and ban gas or diesel powered motor boats. There are numerous houses and camps on these lakes that are boat access only, and I don't think it's fair that they can operate a gas or diesel powered vessel on those lakes and you and I can not!!! Has anyone experienced nearly missing several canoes out in the middle of a lake at night, when they had no lights what so ever? I have, and let me tell you, it's a scary feeling. Especial knowing that there could have been catastrophic consequences. Hey, maybe we should all get together and propose that canoes be banned from waters that fuel powered vessels operate in because they are an obstruction? Not that it would be considered, but get what I'm saying. The following link is from a columnist who has been following this proposal. Please take a few minutes and read it.
What I'm asking is for everyone to contact an New York State Representative and express your opinion on this issue, whether it's pro or con. You don't have to live in New York to do so as 15 to 20% of the canoeists don't live here either.
Thank You

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Default We Need Your Help!!!

The Adirondack Park Agency announced the closure of nearly 5% of the parkís traditional canoe routes. The initiative, which bans canoes, guideboats or any non motorized watercraft upon these waters, is the accomplishment of an industry based coalition which lobbied for power boaterís exclusive rights.
The statement would be startling if it were actually true. Yet, imagine the potential outrage and youíll have a sense of the emotional exchange stirred by proponents of the Quiet Waters (QW) Campaign.
While I take umbrage with proponents for self serving, divisive and deceptive tactics; I will concede there exist waters whose size, location or fragile ecosystems are inappropriate for motorized use. Lamentably few of these have made their list.
By vocation and avocation, Iíve paddled and portaged the Adirondackís watery web for over 30 years and yet I also utilize motorboats for occupational purposes. When motorless advocates shun vehicles and begin walking to work, Iíll retire my 2 hp outboard and pull on the oars.
The motorless lakes movementís request for exclusive use of waterways engenders elitism and nourishes the polarization of user groups. Sportsman, camp owners and traditional recreationalists, already disenfranchised by numerous state land use decisions, abhor the attempted closing of established motorized waters for fear of the precedent it will set.
Unfortunately, local groups have little influence since their inherent independence does not lend well to organized campaigns similar to the effectively lobbies instituted by the Sierra Club, RCPA, Adirondack Mountain Club and the Quiet Waters Campaign. Sadly, as advocacy groups continue to dissipate power on drivel they dilute resources better utilized on the critical watershed issues of acid rain, road salt, invasive species and lead contamination.
Signatures solicited by QW at the New Jersey Paddlefest, raised a legitimate question: If out-of state residents contribute no NY state land taxes, boat registration, licenses, camping or access fees to support agencies administering state lands, should they be permitted to influence matters regarding state land use? Then why petition their signatures?
While QW boasts over 10,000 petitioners, fewer than 15% are park residents, seasonal or otherwise. If motorless lakes are salient, why havenít locals embraced the effort?
Itís been estimated that 90% of travelers utilize less than 10% of the land, a fact most evident on holiday weekends in the St. Regis Canoe Area, Lows Lake and Lake Lila .
Typically, the Ďwildernessí label attracts hordes seeking solitude while nearby wild forest or primitive lands remain vacant. Quiet, secluded waters are available but it requires knowledge and effort to find them. Motorless proponents should forge partnerships with outfitters, tourism officials and the DEC to better disperse the crowds before blaming powerboaters for a lack of peace and solitude, dude.
Proponents claiming only 3% to 5% of the parkís surface acreage is motorless have purposely concealed the fact these figures include half the acreage of Lake Champlain and all of Lake George. Statistics employing surface acreage to skew the tally do not present a fair depiction of the facts.
In reality, the parkís motorless waters consist of 755 wilderness lakes, 39 primitive lakes, 58 canoe waters, a sizable portion of 986 wild forest water bodies and over 1200 miles of wild and scenic rivers unnavigatible or inaccessible to motorboats. Over a half million enthusiasts pay to register motor boats in NY, yet thereís not one registered paddler. Remind me again whoís paying for all of these water motors canít use?
Meanwhile, the APA reports that fully 30% of the Adirondackís ponded waters fall under the most restrictive land use classifications.
QW spokesman, Dick Beamish relates, ďWe arenít talking about individual, remote ponds. We want those that are accessible, that form a chain.Ē
Reality check! If drive a SUV to the put-in for a convenient and exclusive wilderness experience youíre not really on a motorless lake.
For remote wilderness, go north to Quebec, Labrador or Navatuk for no Adirondack location exists so remote that a healthy man cannot exit to civilization in a full dayís travel. Remove the motors but donít piss on my boots and tell me itís raining outside.
Advocacy groups are simply spinning the threads of a synthetic wilderness if they believe itís possible to escape the intrusions of road noise, jet planes, train whistles or cell phones.
ďAll weíre asking for are some crumbsĒ, adds Mr. Beamish as he woefully seeks a pseudo wilderness, ďA few areas to ourselves.Ē
Iíve shouldered boats to Henderson Lake and the Preston Ponds, paddled the vast Whitney Wilderness, Lows Lake and Bog River Flow, Cedar Lakes, West Canada Lakes, hopped thru Pharaoh Lake, the Five Ponds, Pepperbox and drifted Dead Creek, the Grass Oswagatchie, Deer and St. Regis Rivers. Make no mistake folks, gems all, no ďcrumbsĒ here.
Sorry Paddleboy, but when it comes to quiet waters, you canít have your cake and eat it too! The Adirondackís 1.15 million acres of wilderness lands may comprise an imperfect park, but for those willing to discover itís quiet corners, it represents a magical and magnificent resource, motors, worts and all!
We need your help to stop this action. Please contact the APA and voice your disapproval.
Contacting the New York State Adirondack Park Agency
For APA programs and activities including jurisdictional inquiries, permits, enforcement matters, park policy and planning, and APA administration, contact:

phone: 518-891-4050
fax: 518-891-3938
NYS Adirondack Park Agency
P.O. Box 99
1133 NYS Route 86
Ray Brook, NY 12977

Our regular business hours are 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday.
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Wink Don't worry about UFO's and Aliens the've already Landed!

"Quiet Waters" Sounds like a funeral home to me!
New York must have gotten their boat load of enviromentalists from us in California when they had their homes foreclosed on because they were to stupid to make a good real estate loans and they lost their jobs in their NEW economy!
I hope New York enjoys them for a few years and if you or other states need some more ,let us know .We've got a few more boat loads we can spare! HA!
Good Luck with your new GREEN Geeks!

Best Regards,
Ray @ Raylar
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Thanks Ray,

The thing is, if people don't start speaking up against all the environmentalists, they will get their way and keep pushing to eventually close all the lakes in the Adirondacks to motor boats. Once that happens, they will focus on other states to do the same, if they aren't doing so already.

Maybe if motor boats burnt brown rice for fuel it wouldn't be so bad
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