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Dream Boat

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Default Dream Boat

Ok. Let's have some fun. Money is no object. What high performance boat do you buy. You've got to use it. What I mean is that a canopied 50 Mystic is cool. But can you use it on Sunday afternoon where you boat?

Who's boat and what model?

What power?

Who paints it?

What other details?

Who would you buy it from?

Why on all details???

What is your dream boat?

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41 Apache
Staggered 1500's
TOAD paints it
6 bolster set up.
full cabin
I will also take Brians Stretched rig to pull it

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The 46' Buzzi we had similar to Gancia dei Gancia
4 - 600 hp Cummins, hyd trans
Pleasure interior like the 46 SH

Paint - I like black and white like our 38 was, nothing fancy not all these colors and swirls - basic black (it's hides the diesel smoke better too - LOL)

It goes for ever and ever at 100 mph,

Only needs to be rebuilt about every 3,000 hrs

Idles very quite, no problem with noise laws,

Won't win a drag race but I'll beat your azz back and forth to Nassau everyday of the week or Miami to Key West and back!!!

There's never been an Apache built that could keep up with her over the long haul!

Then again, no one ever built a 47 Apache with 3 real diesels, overdrives and outdrives that might be a better combination?
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50' Nor-Tech Super Cat
Two of the biggest blower motors Stirling will build
#6 drives
6 man cockpit with intercoms
TOAD paint
Full Cabin (I know it's a cat, but you said dream boat)
MYCO Trailer

We boat exclusively on the Great Lakes, so it would be perfect for shooting down to Chicago, Grand Haven, Milwaukee, etc...
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31' Sutphen
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51 Outerlimits GTX w/ custom retractable targa top

1550 Sterlings with 6's

Full cabin


Best sounds money can buy

That should work.

Close second:

80 Nor-Tech
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OK, you gotta put limits on this, so....just one boat.

I'd have to stay vee, cause I'm a vee guy.

I'd have to stay Cig,cause I'm a Cig guy.

So, with that said....

I'd go old school Lip-Ship...Cig/Zul/Harold combo.


A new 50 Maurader, built from the ground up by Phil.


Start with a subtle but detailed paint job by Harold. Do a solid color (with subtle micro flake) down the sides, either midnight blue or midnight purple or black with lots of ghost patterns. and the cig emblem "back lit" like an eclipse. Do the deck and other parts in slate/charcoal grey, again with lots of ghost patterns and designs to be determined.


Staggared (not trips) 1200 Zuls (seems a good round number to get decent speeds out of with decent reliability). I don't like Tripples. Engines custom painted to match boat with charcoal blocks offset by boat color.

#6 drives (of course) painted charcoal to match boat.

Boat hardware:

Polished billet swim step, all Billet handles and billet accents.

Cockpit interior:

I'd do 4 electric bolsters in the cockpit with three more along the back instead of bench (I like the look and the capability of carrying more people comfortably). The interior would be a swede/leather two tone, charcoal grey and white with the other dark color (on the side of the boat) to offset.

Cabin interior:

I'd do cover girl cabin with a hard wall at the bulk head and door going through to the bow area where I'd put a finished head and storage. Custom built oversized fridge/cooler.


6 LCDS in the cabin. one on each side as you enter the cabin facing forward. two the starboard side facing port and two vise/versa.

1 LCD screen in the back of each bolster in the cockpit (total of 4).

Underwater LED lights at transom as well as underwater video hooked to all LCD's.

Stereo: Alpine DVD/head unit with ipod docking station. 4 JL Audio twelve" subs lit by LED under the rear bolsters in the cockpit. A set of JL seperates at each seat on both the port and starboard sides (6 sets total). Four more sets of seperates in the cabin. All speakers covered by billet grilles back lit with LED lighting. 4 2,000 watt Percision Power amps built on a custom billet rack back lit by LED. Sound in cabin could be seperately controlled to the DVD/TV's in cabin.

Intercom system.

I'd put LED "mood lighting in cabin, cockpit and engine compartment that could/would rotate to various colors.

cockpit, cabin and engine lights would be the super bright white lights.


Lavorsi carbin fiber gauges chrome rings with chosen color of boat for bezzles. Carbin fiber dash, fuse and stereo panels.


Aluminum Myco with CNC'd back lit lettering.

During the build, I'd come up with some crazyazz custom touches. It'd basically be a show boat built in the tradition of a show car but ready to punish the water!

So, now all I have to do is win the lottery.
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Ourterlimits 51 or 52, red &yellow based paint scheme, nortech style wet bar in cockpit. T53's with surface drives, so I dont spend every weekend fxing it, genny, hot water ac/heat fully ,loaded. exhaust out the back, water cooled but a switch on the dash that mommentarily shuts the water cooling off and activates the flame throwers, and heres the kicker... a rear facing dash mounted projector, coupled with a pull down screen when you open the engine cover, so you can show movies at the dock in the evening hours. also little automatic popout steps on the side of the hull, so drunk buddies can climb in / over the side when swimming so they don't slice themselves open on the props.
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Boat: 388 Skater with the Aero Marine 3 Piece windshield with a slight tint not to dark as it would it difficult to see through at dusk. Would like a bigger boat but I don’t want to have a small army to launch and wash.

I’d have the deck contoured in the rear and a custom engine hatch design made. I’d do a bit different forward deck shape also.

Dealer: Arneson Industries of course

Power: Turbine no less

Drives: Arneson ASD8-6 of course

Paint: Something clean. A silver base with a slight blue tint mixed in with accents done in red, but very light accents. Going for a rich clean look rather than a busy one.

Interior, completely different dash and front seat layout than normal with the rear of the seats having storage trays that are linear actuated so that they open with the push of a button to reveal the bumpers and lines on the bottom and misc. storage up higher. Of course the rear head rest would have a GPS flat LCD screen in it to give the passengers a unique view. I'd use the Pirate intercom system for the communications. Side compartments with built in compartments for more storage and area and grab holders for the rear passengers to hold to. The rear seats would also sit in a fiberglass molded receiver with handles for security and the bottom of the seat are also have a drawer that is electrically operated to reveal more storage.

Autometer gauges with Hardin Shifters and Zeiger tilt column.

Interior color to be a light colored leather or suede, but not white, so as to not be unbearable in the summer sun.

Engine room to be painted the same color as the exterior.

Trailer: Skater tilt with air over hydraulic Disc brakes. No aluminum! Wash down tank and a genset built in with fuel tank.

Propellers: Hering Only
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32 Skater Flatdeck. sixes.....750 HP N/A Saris Racing Engines with intakes like the one in my avatar
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