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Milky Oil, Please Help

Old 03-28-2009, 06:36 AM
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Originally Posted by scarabman View Post
Could also be a leak in the innercooler. Procharger innercoolers were known for this problem for awhile.

I would look at head gaskets and check the innercooler.
your right for got about that good advice.
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usually gets around 130...I don't think its getting warm enough to burn it off, if its intercooler, since I never mess with it, how hard to fix?
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Old 03-28-2009, 09:32 AM
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In 1999 after I added a Whipple kit to a MAG502 about 30 hours later
I found milky oil.

2 months and $5000 later I had a reliable engine after I took it to
a pro.

Pesky Varmint
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Old 03-28-2009, 10:37 AM
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I found some milky oil after a guy I bought the boat from put on some pro -comp heads. Took it to the merc mechanic - nothing, they didn't think it was worthing tearing down the motor. Next weekend out - the other motor dropped a valve. Water passages in the heads were corroded all to hell (only 30 hours on aluminum heads). Tore the good motor down (the one with milky oil) and found a roller rocker had fallen off and same problem with corrosion. 2 new 502's later - now I work on all my own chit. Good luck, hope its just a gasket.
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You can drain all the oil and leave the drain plug out afterwards and then You can plug off the raw water exits on the inlets to the headers and any other overboard outlets for raw water and then take your water outlet hose off the raw water pump with the raw system mostly full of water and use a stant type pressure pump guage and pressurize the system and see if it holds or if the pressure keeps dropping and water keeps exiting the system into the engine.

Make sure you have all the spark plugs out too so you can make sure you are not filling a cylinder from a crack leak or bad head gasket leak. If you have a water leak in the engine or coolers or systems it will most likely go into the engine and if not into the cylinders it will go into the pan and out the drain hole.

If the pressure holds And water does not leak out somewhere in the engine then it sounds like the headers or reversion might be an issue, buts its not usual in a supercharged engine such as yours with the supercharger cams normally having shorter durations and not a lot of overlap which helps cause most reversion.
Headers can be removed and easily pressure tested to see if they are cracked or leaking.

If you hae a serious water leak into the engine that has milked the oil more than once after running under any loads you will probably have internal engine problems that will have to be addressed such as rust and corrosion and possible bearing damage that can only be addressed with a teardown.

Hope you find your water entrance and that it is minor and does not set you back in time and money. Good Luck!

Best Regards,
Ray @ Raylar
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yeah, me too...doing some of the things suggested tomorrow on Sunday, hopefully condensation...or maybe just a head or intake gasket....intercoolers hard to fix the leaks on?
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Old 03-29-2009, 09:54 AM
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Since you said you only ran it a couple times for 5 minutes, and as Elite Marine alluded to, it very well could be that the engine was not run long enough to burn off all the moisture that may have accumulated in the oil over the winter. Oils tend to be hygroscopic and will absorb moisture from the air over time. Plus, the water temp where your are running is likely much colder than normal preventing the engine from reaching ideal operating temperature. Hopefully this is all it is. Good luck and let us know how it works out.
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Originally Posted by rodimus View Post
I am brand new to the site guys, but I have a problem. I have a 23 foot 1997 Scarab. It has the 502 with procharger. I took it out this spring to just see how the winter had been on it. It ran and sounded fine, run around 78 mph on GPS not all she could do. Came back to dock and checked oil and noticed it was milky.

I thought it might be condensation, so I changed the oil a couple times and ran it, got milky again. I noticed a little hesitation on take off, could this be intake gasket. Overall performance is still good. May just haft to start with intake gasket and work to the heads and then intake.

One other thing, is I noticed that my flappers seemed to be worn out for my exhaust. Could it be reversion? Any help is greatly appreciated, love the site. I will post pics later.
oil cooler ?
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Old 03-30-2009, 11:20 PM
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The only change from last season to this season was the winterization and cold weather. I would start with the exhaust, oil cooler etc. looking for something that froze.

Alot of people want one last ride before it freezes but wait too late.
I had an exhaust manifold drive me crazy for two years.
Hopefully it will be something simple.
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If the flappers were bad, your engine cylinders could have some amount of water in them. If it's just milky oil and it's getting worse, probably the oil cooler. Pull the cooler and pressure test around 35psi. If it's the cooler, we can get those for you. They're easy to change.
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