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Originally Posted by mmareno View Post
So the ones you named are still alive and kickin' I suscribed to Performance boats, and Extreme boats back in November/October and I haven't seen anything. Is Performance Boats just haven't run any issues this year yet??
Performance Boats's deal is every other issue is a print issue and the issues in between are digital on their website.

Call the Performance Boats office to check the status of your subscription. I think the gals name is Cindy.

She sounds pretty hot too
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Originally Posted by DaveP View Post

Thanks Dave!
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Originally Posted by DaveP View Post
She sounds pretty hot too
Right now with all the jobs going away she probably would be happy to have any job !

I will call them in the morning.. Thanks
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On Performance Boats web site they say the may issue has just been released.
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Remember the raffle for the boat for the guy that had the health issues? If memory serves me it was Extreme Powerboats that was offering lifetime subscription for buying so many tickets at the end of the raffle and also as prizes for the raffle.

I don't know whos life the lifetime subscription was based on, but it wasn't mine. I'm still here.

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Originally Posted by Nordic Gary View Post
I understand cut backs and doing what it takes to survive, however, PBM should have informed the customer base. No one likes surprises.
they did. It was mentioned in their march issue and on their website.

And just so you know, you'll still get you 11 issues, it'll just be spread out to a year and a half.

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Just renewed my subscription and received the May issue for PBM yesterday.
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Originally Posted by 38Lightning View Post
if we are gonna bust their balz then what other mag are we gonna subscribe too? I enjoy their mag for what ever it cost, $19.00-$30.00 yr. what other options do we honestly have as powerboaters? extreme boat what else?
Good post. Our government is legislating against us, gas prices are killing us and the industry, prices are not moderating much, insurance is getting higher...let's cut one of our only periodicals some slack here people. We don't have much in our corner anymore.
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First, thanks, Indy, Dave P and Tank for coming to the "defense" of Powerboat. But I don't see anyone busting too hard on the magazine. (OK, Padraig thinks the writing is mediocre and shallow, and as the guy who does most of that writing I say he is completely entitled to his opinion and I hope I can turn him around some day.)

I'm not surprised most people missed the announcement of the decrease in issues for 2009 in the March issue and on the Powerboat website. Though I knew what was happening, I missed them, too. Rest assured that Powerboat will make good in delivering the issues you all paid for.

I am not the official voice of Powerboat. I'm a freelancer and have been for the past nine years. But a couple of things you might find interesting:

1. We don't take any pleasure in another competitive magazine going out of business. Each magazine in the high-performance market offered something different. Each magazine kept us on our toes. Regardless of what we think of "the competition," we take it seriously.

2. Cutting issues was not a choice anyone wanted to make. No one is "happy" with it. But these are tough times, and we want to be around for a long, long time. Hard decisions have been made.

3. You're not seeing a lot of "new models" tested because there aren't a lot of new models to test. We can only test what we're brought (we can't demand anything). Even in a good year, and we all know this is not a good year, the average builder might have one new model. What do try to ensure is that if the builder is bringing us the same model it brought last year, that the model at least be equipped with different power.

4. We listen to you guys. We read the boards. We've learned what you like and don't (and I'm afraid that most of you East of the Mississippi will never like custom deck boats, but they're a big deal out West and that's part of the market we serve) like. We've had our blunders (remember the Save-the-Manatee public service ad?) pointed out to us.

We don't see Powerboat as a "finished product" and we never will. We appreciate your voices.

Thanks for reading.

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Can I complain?
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