Would anyone be offended

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Okay damnit........where's the boobies......?......
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Originally posted by Too Old
Hey hammerab.......that avatar looks like two guys....might wanna re-think that bad boy.
Hey Too Old,

Maybe that's what he's trying to accomplish.
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Hey hammereab!
Which guy's name is bob and which guy's name is neal on your
avatar That also look like a caution sign are you trying to tell
the heterosexual OSO members something?
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Boobies?!! did I hear BOOBIES?!!
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Now here's an avatar.
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Wet t-shirts, did I hear "wet t-shirts"?

By all means, post it somewhere and show me the link at least.

Seriously, does a good deal with granting access to the DonziGirls page. You have to submit your name, address, etc and no one posts any questionable stuff elsewhere. Kind of like saying "Yes, I am an adult, but I like to think I am still 14."

Maybe OSO will put up a special section of the gallery for this type of thing? But, then again, this is kind of an all or nothing deal. What is good taste and what is not?
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Sorry guys and gals, Ican't for the life of me figure out how to down size the pictures to fit the boards requirement. I'm still working on it.
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Broken parts,
Did you try and post it in the galleries section?
Keep working at it!
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Originally posted by OffshoreOnly
Send them them to us first please. OSO

Ha, at a minimum that is selfish, and its bordering on abuse of authority
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brokenparts, email one of them to me along with the size you need and I will resize it for you. If it works out I can resize them all. See my profile for email
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Quick Reply: Would anyone be offended

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