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Please Vote! "stop The Epa" This Affects All Of Us

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Default Please Vote! "stop The Epa" This Affects All Of Us

The U.S. boating industry needs your help in PREVENTING THE EPA FROM ALLOWING AN INCREASE IN THE AMOUNT OF ETHANOL in gasoline.
Act Now
On March 6th, 2009 a new pro-ethanol lobbying organization called Growth Energy aligned with 54 ethanol manafactures and formally requested that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) allow an increase of ethanol blend levels in gasoline to 15 percent (E15) As is required by law, the EPA on April 21 published a Notice for Comment in the Federal Register, beginning a 30-day public comment period that will close May 21, 2009.
Failure to stop momentum at this stage will almost certainly cause all engine companies and thier suppliers to redesign and re-engineer product lineups at a time when all of us can least afford it.

. Marine engines have not been tested with ethanol blends above E-10
. Some marine engines have experienced issues using E10, and additional problems would certainly be anticipated with higher levels of ethanol blends.
. Let the data tell the story! Tell the EPA to deny the E15 waiver until adequate testing has been conducted.

Beat them at their own game
Ethanol advocates are mobilizing forces to submit 20,000 favorable comments to the EPA, requesting that the agency grant a waiver for E15.

There are 18 million boats currently in operation in the U.S., and none of them has been designed, certified or warrantied to run on anything above E10, the current maximum legal blend level.
Boaters know that increased ethanol blends will cause performance problems with their boats and engines, increase maintenance costs, potentially pose safety risks and increase air pollution.
And yet, neither EPA nor any other federal agency has performed a single test regarding the impacts of E15 on marine engines, fuel systems or components. Marine engines and fuels systems are not designed, calibrated or certified to run on anything above 10 percent ethanol. We ask you to support a science-first approach and urge the EPA to deny the ethanol industry's E15 Waiver request until independent and comprehensive scientific testing is completed on a full range of marine engines and other products.

Once again, go to to submit your comments to the EPA .

For more information, contact NMMA Legislative Director Mat Dun at [email protected] or call (202) 737-9760

Mercury Marine joins the National Marine Manafactures Association in urging you to participate in this effort.

Typhoon Service center also stands behind Mercury Marine and the NMMA to help make sure E15 will not be used until further testing!
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Thanks, sent it in.
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Done. F*#% Ethanol
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Thanks Frank, Done
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Thanks Done
Lost A Engine To Detination Last Year.
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This is madness!

In addition to the affinity to water that Ethanol has, consider this:

Gasoline is a saturated hydrocarbon, with a fixed amount of energy, in each gallon.

Regular gasoline has an energy density of 44.8 MJ/kg or 125,000 BTU/Gal

Ethanol has an energy density or 31.1 MJ/kg or 84,600 BTH/Gal

energy density = amount of energy stored (available) in a given volume or given mass

MJ = megajoule
kg = kilogram

Do the math

Pure Ethanol consumption in an engine is approximately 51% higher than for gasoline since the energy per unit volume of ethanol is 34% lower than for gasoline.

In a ‘pump gas’ mix of up to 10% Ethanol. The energy density is approximately 120,960 BTH/Gal, that’s 3% less energy than a gallon of non-entahnol gasoline, and you need 4% more to get the same amount of energy.

The bottom line, you need to burn 4% more of a ‘pump gas’ mix of up to 10% Ethanol, to get the same amount of energy, or move your car or boat, the same distance, at the same speed.

A ‘pump mix’ of 15% will be even worse.
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The problem is simple: Ethanol costs $1.05 to $1.09 total cost to wholesale delivery for the same BTUs as a gallon of gasoline. Gasoline wholesale is about $1.50 right now. As oil prices rebound, it will go up.

That cost is total cost: buy the land, grow the crops, drive the tractors around, distillation, shipping, paying taxes, EVERYTHING. Ethanol is cheap, that's why its making inroads in the world's energy markets.

In other words: pure gas is $2.50, 10% is $2.25, 100% is $1.50. I'm talking at BTU equivalence here.

Therefore, the ethanol percentage in fuel will go up, so prices stay down, and people will buy the product. No refinery will ever again make pure gasoline, because its too expensive. You won't pay extra for it, I won't pay extra for it, nobody will.

Don't ask for yesterday, its gone.

Your choices are:

1) Refuse to allow ethanol to be sold for boats. Yell and scream. Sue oil companies for selling fuel to boaters. Then there will soon be no fuel available to boaters. Take a chain saw and cut up your pride and joy, and go watch TV.

2) Get over it, use Ethanol fuels. Sure, maybe you will check your fuel filter for water like everyone who flies airplanes has always had to do. Maybe you'll need to put some additives in the fuel like anyone who ever uses a diesel engine has always had to do.
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Email sent!
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