What do you tip?

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I also tip the dock hands in Grand Haven. Been staying there for many, many years. The kids there know me and some of my regular freinds. We have found that the well placed pizza and a couple of two liters goes a long ways with these kids also. It also gets us a slip when they tell everyone else they're full. As for the guys and gals at the gas docks.....if they do a good job (don't spill fuel all over, hit the mark with the pump price...etc...) I'll tip em. Especially the chick at the gas dock at Harbor Town in Muskegon!! Wow!!!

Tip the chicks at Shooters and you'll get a slip on holiday weekends. Same goes for Backwater Jacks.
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Our tip is usually $5.00 to the dockhands. Then when I'm leaving and the Mrs. has to drive cause someone let me drink too much......I'll tip 'em again. The crew at the Nauti Goose take good care of ya and are always welcome to a few cold ones after the boss leaves. Andy and the crew from Chesapeake Inn have got it down, these guys will risk life and limb to get you knotted up without any damage. Tip 'em ...they do remember!
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i trailer my boat and gas on shore 99%of the time but a good hearted dockhand always gets a 5 spot minimum. gotta say the guys at Red Eyes have to be amongst the best. they make it easy to dock even in some of the worse current around!! now the inner harbor is a way different case! they are just waiting to get docking fee could care less if boat sinks while tied up!
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Well it's nice to see that some of you are tipping!! But tipping the Hottie's more than the other's? What's up with that?

I worked on a Gas Dock during the summer's while in college. I worked my buff off and loved my job, where I worked we couldn't just sit around and wait for customers, we had other things around the marina that we had to do. But when the bell rang or I saw a boat coming in I would always RUN to the dock and help as much as I could!! However the girl's that worked with me didn't care and took their sweet time walking down the dock and didn't have any idea how to mix gas or tie up a boat so it wouldn't get hurt!! Yet they got more tips that I did. I did get a couple of tips but I can count them on one hand.

Moral of the story: Don't for get the dock boy's when you pass out the tips!!
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$5.00 for the dock hands and $20.00 at the gas docks. at LOTO, most of the dock hands at Shooter's, Topsider's etc. earn it pretty well. for those of you who have seen the wave wash at the docks on a friday or saturday early evening, you know what i'm talking about.

troutly- i remember one specific "bikini-clad" dock hand at BWJ's. she helped me untie my boat one evening. she threw me the lines and then jumped in with me...LOL! it was the best $5.00 i ever spent!!

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I normally tip 10% to the gas dockhands and more with a pump out. Also was in rack storage and would bring the Wiggins drivers beer on occasion snd tips. Always had great service... I'd be unloading my vehicle and see my boat heading towards the well (i'm sure it had nothing to so with being a female boat owner LOL)
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I always tip 5 - 10 bucks to the dock hands at the marina or restaurant I pull up at. I dont normally need any help but I have seen them fend other boats away from mine while I am up eating lunch.
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Hey, you want a tip???


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Hey, you throw the kid a couple of bucks when he gets your car, why not do the same when they fuel, pump out, or tie up the boat?

Quick Reply: What do you tip?

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