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recomendations on my first boat?


recomendations on my first boat?

Old 03-26-2002, 10:45 AM
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Question recomendations on my first boat?

im new to offshore boats and boats in general but after two seasons on my buddy's top gun, im hooked and want my own.
now my questions are what would be the right boat for me
a) price no object
b) for under 40K
c) twins or single
d) do i really need stuff like shorepower, a head, dinette etc. ( do people actually use them?)
e) and any other wisdom for a newbie!
oh yea i know about the two happiest days of a boat owner!LOL
BTW... ill be boating in lake erie, cleveland, put out bay etc.
thanks in advance
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Old 03-26-2002, 10:51 AM
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I would like to invite you to come visit and tour our factory and look at our new 28. Holds 5-8, sleeps 3 (if you have to) runs as fast as you want it to in any water, and you could race it if you ever wanted. We will also have a "Special" Poker Run Eddition comming out this summer.
Chris Reindl
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Old 03-26-2002, 11:46 AM
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a) price no object ===== OuterLimits for a V Nor-Tech fir a Cat

b) for under 40K ===== A used 24 Skater

c) twins or single ===== With A) TRIPLES OR QUADS with B) single

d) do i really need stuff like shorepower, a head, dinette etc. ( do people actually use them?) ===== are you married with kids?? if yes then Yes if NO then only if you entertain more then you run.

e) and any other wisdom for a newbie! ===== Take lessons, Learn from the ones that have been there or done that, Wellcraft does have a good program I have heard of, only buy from a dealer that has or CURRENTLY personally owns what you are buying, Take Lessons, Learn alone and away from others, you will look and FEEL better when ou take people out.

These are just a few of the many ideas.
More people here can offer alot more then I can.
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Old 03-26-2002, 12:13 PM
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Here are the four questions that we ask any new client:
1. Where do you want to go?
2. How long do you want to stay?
3. How many people do you want to take?
4. How Fast do you want to get there?

You should be able to answer most qustions and narrow the search with the answers.
You could end up anywhere between an Outerlimits and a Fourmula 400SS.
Dont buy your first boat out of your budget (Dont gte me wrong, Ill take as much $$ as you want to give me) But be a realistic about your boating budget. Dont run out and buy a 38 Top, Insurance, Gas, Storage, Taxes. Only to find out that now you can only run the boat once a month because of all the bills. Buy within your budget and youwill love the boat and the lifestyle. Buy outside of your budget and you will hate your boat and end up wishing you took up another hobby. You can always move up every year. Ask any member of this board how Big is "Big enough" and how much Power is "Too Much" and you will see what I mean. Good luck and Enjoy your new toy. Check your PM.

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Old 03-26-2002, 12:22 PM
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What you have to do is sit down and figure out just how you want to use the boat.
How many people will you take along?
How far do you plan on going?
Do you want to just run around for a day, be able to sleep over night or a spend a whole weekend on it?
Day trips rarely require the use of a potty. Over nights and weekend are a different story.
As for single or twin eninges, once you figure out what type of boat and how big it should be that question will take care of it's self.
But remember this, two engines are twice the maintenance and twice the headaches and, depending on how big, twice the fuel consumption. Don't forget about fuel capacity and what it costs to fill it up.

I have a 20.5 ft Formula that has a small cabin, it'll sleep two in a pinch. Cockpit seating is for six. No potty, so go before we leave.
It's a single engine, 350 MAG, and it'll do just about 60 mph. Fuel capacity is 43 gal and I can go 140 miles with a small reserve.
This is fine for us right now but the wife has her eye on something bigger. Don't they always?
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Default My $.02

-IDRPSTF couldn't have said it better.

I also boat on Lake Erie and I would stay away from a cat under 28'. A buddy of mine would take his 26 AO up there every once in a while, way too rough most of the time up there for that style of boat. We would put in at Port Clinton and head to Kelly's Island, he and his wife would be soaked from taking spray over the bow and sore-assed from getting beat in those non-bolster seats.
I would recommend a vee bottom if you are in the 24'-28' range boat. More than likely, you will end up in that size range since you said under $40k. Porta-pottis are a must for weekend trips, especially if you are married and plan on staying that way.

Good luck!
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Old 03-26-2002, 01:11 PM
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A friend gave me this advice and it worked for me......buy as much boat as you can afford and still be able to run it....I've never known of anyone who bought a boat and said it was too small. The more ammenities the better your significant other will enjoy it,the more she likes it the more she'll go along...could be a good thing might be bad.....my.02
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Get as much education as you can. Lessons if possible (don't let the dealer stiff you on that), advice from your buddy and definitely take a public boating course (Power Squadron or USCG Auxiliary). The course is good for a discount on your insurance.
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Default Welcome to the fray !!!!

Dreamer , you will get lots of advise on this !!!
... How did you enjoy your time on your buddies Top Gun ??
... Thats a good place to start... was it too big ? too small ? not enough cabin ? plenty of cabin ? The list goes on, but thats a good reference point .
... I have done 95% of all my boating on Lake Erie,... I'm in mentor (just east of you) And like was mentioned above ... it's pretty choppy most of the time...(especially on Sunday afternoons ) so the smaller you go the less days you'll be able to get out there . I know of quite a few decent deals to be had right in our area now and I'd be glad to help in any way I can.
Call or e-mail me when you have time !!!!
[email protected] or 440-352-1357
Jerry McConnell

*** oh yeah, how much do you wanna spend ????
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i just looked at that cig you reffered to, it looks nice but isn't it old? what about maint. on something that old and is it worth that much? its almost 30 yrs old!!! do hulls ever go bad? any info on or opinions on that boat would be nice, thank you for the lead
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Quick Reply: recomendations on my first boat?

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