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fountain questions

Old 06-18-2009, 03:52 PM
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I owned a 1989 29 with twin 454s, it does sit a$$ end low when at rest but the boat rode well and seemed very balanced on plane. If you cut the throttles hard and come off plane really fast the water would come up on the sun pad and some will drain down in the bilge, but if you come off plane easy it will never be an issue. Over all it was a great boat, trailered well and was alot of fun to drive.
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Default We have an 8.8 meter Fountain. LOA is on the hull is 30'6"

It sits low but even in the gulf with 3 to 4's it does not take on water through the vents, that is unless those happen to be BREAKING 3 to 4's.

If the waves are breaking out there, I would not venture offshore. It will run in worse but just don't try to anchor in them.

I also anchor off the bow eye and NOT off the back. That keeps the bow into the waves and wind.

I 've got a 5/8's inch line from the bow eye with the loop on the mid-hull cleat I added (drivers side), snap the anchor line on to that and have about 30 feet of line total out in 4 to 7 feet of water depth. Anchor allways holds and use boat hook to retrieve after firing engine(s) and inching forward to take stress off line. Never have to walk out on the deck to set the anchor. It is about perfect size for the two of us and for the water around here most of the time, if it gets too rough, we will stay behind the barrier islands.
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i have a 29 fever with twin 454's. no water in my bilge and i can personally stand in the engine compartment to do some cleaning.

but screw that stuff. the boat performs like a champ. awsome mid range pull and my boat tops out at 80.2 on gps (finally confirmed).
go fountain
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Thumbs up

Had a 29'/twin 454's for 3 years. Other than wanting to go bigger, I'd still have it. Never had any issues with water over the transom or thru the vents, although we boat mostly on lakes and rivers, not the ocean. They sit low, but not as low as the 32'. All side by side engines are hard to work on, nature of the beast. Mine came on plane just fine, use the tabs. I can't tell you one bad thing about the boat. For the price, I think Fountain builds an excellent boat. They look good on the trailer and in the water.
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Go Big, there is always a way!

Sweet ride hope it works for you.
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I had a 29' with twin 502's built a little would run 85 everyday. Great boat. do not worrry aout it setting low in the back (follow the advice already given about were to anchor and chopping the throttles while on plain). The worst part about the boat was crawling over the winshield. i am a big guy at 6'3 and 250 lbs and the boat fit me well.
I have run in the gulf a fair amount and the boat will take what ever you have the guts to drive thru.
O and for the people that talk how much better balanced the single 29 is. Do not listen to them. The twin will take a rougher water and will chine walk less. And one other thing for those that say the single is faster that may be true but it takes them forever to plane (you an be a mile down the lake before they ever get theres on plane).
I miss certain things about the 29 ( 1 gas tank and easy trailoring)but have moved upto a 35. Regardless you will love a Fountain.
Allen Waddle
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