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Today's stupid move!!!!......

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A little long but worth it...
About six years ago I went to Havasu for a company ski trip. My boat was stored there and my friend that used it two weeks earlier fessed up to Crashing" into the back of another boat. He swore upand down that there was no damage nd Iwasgood to go on my company vacation. When I arrived I went Ape Sh$%t. There was a 2 foot crck up the side of my boat. Oh well, I did a quick ugly patch job and dipped it. Te boat kept taking on water all weekend and a co-worker who brought his boat couldnt stop making crappy comments. I hated theguy after day two. Finally couldnt tke it anymore and put my boat on the trailer. The bildge pump was whinning and I didnt want to chance it. Later that day (Day Three) The guy who made all of the comments was trying to impress what could have been the most used up stripper Ive ever seen in my life, on his boat. He was riding a rented Wave Runner tha afriendgot and figured he would go towards his boat, turn fast and spray her. Nobaody told Captain Smart Guy that you have to say on te throttle to turn. WHAM!!! straigh unto the side of his boat. He drove it back to the ramp with the Wave Runner sticking out of the side. Suddenly the whole in my boat didnt seem so big and he sounded more like a Mime the rest of the trip. Boating Carma.
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Went through all the trouble of arranging a demo on a new 38' Powerplay today. Thoroughly checked and rechecked everything, started the motors, chk trailer lights, drive to the ramp, meet the waiting in the rain customer, hang around till the rain lets up, finally get the chance to go boating and the DAMN TIDE was to low to get off the trailer. Doh
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Well, this is not as bad as some of ya'll stories, but still boating related

Easter Sunday, get the kids all dressed up, Easter hunt, etc...take pix......go boating. Went to a new launch, concerned w/ the steepness......I'm telling hubby (NASDBOY) keep coming back when he yells.........


What? I look at the water & see his new pack of cigs & lighter floating away, but NO CAMERA! He pulls the boat/trailer out of the water-amazing enough......the camera is still holding on!

Soaking wet tho. Not to mention we had 1 more pix left-BRAND NEW CAMERA, cannon elph-just bought at xmas....had pix from new years, vday, my bday celebration & easter!!!! AAAHHHHH~!

That will bring me to my next post-any suggestions on a cheap good waterproof camera-not disposable?
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