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"Classic" OSO posts............can you find them?

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Originally Posted by Roger 1 View Post
What about the old Apache threads? Always something good in an Apache thread.
Those are likely the best ever to me. Some of the BS spewed in those still hasn't hit the ground.

While I agree, the fall of "Too Old" was literally like watching a train wreck, especially after having soooo many years of being one of the most respected people on OSO, I kind of felt bad for Fred's daughter Joy. She really has no idea how you have to deliver a message on a forum, and ultimately was just defending her Dad. We all would have done it.

One question: Did "Trick Marine" just essentially go broke, making them unable to repay debts & deliver product? Or, did Fred actually scam people into believing he was running a legitimate business, while pocketing the cash & disappearing?

I never got the "real" gist of the story throughout all of the fighting. If he scammed people, well obviously he deserves everything he has gotten, but if he just went under, that's a little different to me in regards to how much "abuse" he took over that deal.

Thanks to anyone that feels like answering!
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LDD calling TD "the Douchebag of all time"
Hello Kettle .....

Originally Posted by long duck dong View Post
I have a feeling that TD is allot further into his agenda than we all know....TD is going down as the Douchebag of all time in the world for boating forums....he has by far surpassed the reputations of several superstars including Bgchuby, Big Scotty, The Rolex Kid, Troutley, and Too Old aka Fred Cecil (Trick Marine).....

TD is now a supporting vendor of scream and fly, they deleted the thread this morning.....what a bunch of CHUMPS... S&F took his money to be a vendor then deleted the thread.... TD is buying back his comments...LMAO
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My Favorite....

Originally Posted by Cash Bar View Post
We seem to have lost a member.....

Dolla(buyafountain) Bill hasn't been seen or heard from since Christmas eve. He was last seen under a bar at Borgata in Atlantic City during the holidays. If you see him, please point him south and tell him there is a free Cafe' Patron tasting back in Ft. Lauderdale.

Any contact should be started by saying "Hey dumbazz".....

Should be be seen with a blonde previously seen here.......throw a stick......
Your OSO connection to great S. Florida Real Estate.
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Originally Posted by PhantomChaos View Post
Not too much change......just like boating.....some people come and some people go "to other places".
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Originally Posted by bluellama View Post
LDD calling TD "the Douchebag of all time"
Hello Kettle .....
+1 F'n TOOLS
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Not sure what you mean by classic, but I would rate the Rachel is Dead Thread as one of the most memorable and possibly biggest scam ever on OSO, he sure had the majority of us fooled, especially me. I also had a lot of fun on some of the Cashbrain threads, I wonder what ever happened to him.

I for one would like to think that Fred just ran out of money because his business grew to fast and was poorly managed. I think his heart was to deep in this sport to purposely pull a fast one on us. You have to remember he was a contributing member for a LONG time before he started his business. Ian and I spoke to him many times before and after he started Trick, he never seemed like someone to do this on purpose. Plus he wound up in a lot legal and financial trouble, I imagine it must kill him to be excommunicated from a hobby and community that he was involved in for a long time.
Posted by Donna Ms PatriYacht
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The whole Big Scotty episode has to be the classic in the general discussion catagory.

History of V-bottoms and History of Cats has to be some of the best learning threads.

The Apache stuff is fun but hard to sort out the B.S..

Trick Marine/Too Old is the " why paying retail is better " thread.

Everything else is chum.

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Masher and the moose
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Than there was Troutly who just could not say no with a family member
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I'm gonna go back a little further than anyone has so far.

Two threads come to mind. Wish I could remember the names of the individuals involved.

There was a women on here one night that was threatening suicide. She kept posting some unorthodox stuff back to back. A few members jumped in a car and went to her place to perform an intervention.

There was also a thread about a well known member getting hit by a car and suffering fatal injuries. The thread was delivered in such a hysterical way that it made no sense at all. The thread starter was delirious beyond belief. I remember reading it the second it was posted and it looked like a third grader typed it out. It was originally taken as a joke but turned out to be true.

By the way, I wasn't making light of someone losing their life. The thread itself stood out and always will.

There was also a thread by someone building a big HP motor and putting it in a 24' Sunsation. On a shake down run they had some sort of mishap and his buddy that was riding along got some serious injuries. Can't for the life of me remember his name either. I do remember he quit posting here never to be seen again.

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