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Very intruiging!

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Default Very intruiging!

Some questions posed her about the Pentagon attack on 911.

Click here
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Very strange. I wonder what did happen to the plane then?
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This has been making the rounds of the internet for several months, and now the French guy who started is has written a book.

FAA says they have eyewitnesses and photos of badly chard bodies still belted into their seats. If there was no plane, why have we not heard from anyone on the plane?? Would have to be an awfully large conspiracy

Remember Barbara Olsen of Fox News?? Her husband, the US Solicitor General, was on TV numerous times describing his last words with her before the plane crashed.

This guys got his head up his ass !!
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i'm not big on conspiracy theories, but i always thought the hole in the pentagon looked small for the 757.
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Yea especially since they nearly went completely through the towers but only the first ring on the pentagon.
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OK, I will comment on this since I was the closest person to the Pentagon on OSO when it happen, I was less than 2 miles. First unless you have been to Pentagon the pictures do not give it justice on how large it is, and the severity of the damage, its a very big building, Second, the Pentagon is built like a military fortress, solid damn concrete, Twin towers, hallow frame, no center support. Thats why their is less damage.

As for no plane debris, find me some debris from the twin towers, hell two planes crashes there?????? Plus the Pentagon goes 4 or 5 floors below ground, that is where allot of the plane/structure collapsed into. As for filling over the grass, how the how else are you going to get large machinery in and out with out getting stuck, obviously this guy never worked construction.

As for eye whitnesses, at the time I worked for IBM in Dept, of Defence. close friends of mine where at the Pentagon and survived and a close friend was on the plane did not. Who ever put this crap togather is a X-Files paranoid, anti american piece of #$&%.

No conspirecy, my mentor Zandra Cooper IBM Brand Manager is gone, leaving a widowed husband and two daughters. I think God I was not there that day and that my other co workers were escaped.

William Murray

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Do you think the government would tell you if they shot down a passenger plane ?
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And what if they hit the ground just at the bottom floor of the building? Remember the hole in penn. WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT PLANE??? It wasn't in the hole. Then the plane and the fuel splashed all over the place.
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I thought I saw newly released footage from a security camera last week that showed the plane hitting. Can't remember what show it was on.
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I worked in the Pentagon for 4 years. I will validate everything Will said. It is 100% correct. I still occaionally have appointments in the Pentagon with my current position, and I lost colleagues on that day. There is no conspiracy.
I am also a Volunteer Firefighter in Northern Virginia, and had fellow Firefighter friends in there fighting the blaze; as I was off fulfilling my paying job responsibilities. The Pentagon defines the phrase 'brick-****-house;' solid concrete, steel, and limestone. Top that off with the fact the plane hit the just rebuilt and fortified portion of the building.

Conspiracy... my arse.
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