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Default Labbed Propellers

Here is my problem, I have a Donzi 26 ZX and I am running a 24 pitch 4-blade prop. The boat is running at 4800rpm at 67 it great top end but is a dog out of the hole, if I send it out and have it labbed can they make it so the boat will get a better hole shot without losing top end? Also is Bronson Hill the best place to send it to??
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Talk to Byron at Bronson Hill and he can help you decide. He is very knowledgeable and great to work with. I have had extremely good luck with the labbed props from them.
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I second the Bronson Hill recommendation.
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BRONSON HILL = The ONLY place to send ones props...

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Default labbed prop

I had my prop done by Bronson-Hill, very good service!
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Mine are there right now
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I've heard pretty good things about Bronson too.

I don't think I've ever read or heard of holeshot improvements from lab work though. Maybe small amounts which may make a difference who gets to the first pin in front by a 1/2 a length.

I'm sure whatever Bronson says he can do, he can do. I just would not expect any "Seat of the pants" holeshot improvement. Good luck!- Do you need Dustin's phone number?
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I"ve been running a set of 27 pitch three blade Bronson Hills for about two years and they perform very will on top end but are not as good out of the hole as 27 pitch marages, and when I take them in for the end of the year dressup they always have multiple cracks. My prop guy says Hills crack alot because there so thin which is why the go fast. Has anyone else had trouble with cracks?
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Thumbs up Donzi

Does your current wheel have vent holes??
If not this will help your hole shot.
You can add them your self by drilling holes approx. 3/8" dia. at the front of the hub, just in front of the leading edge of the blades.
As far as blue printing or labbing your props, I agree with the others here, it wont help low end.
Typically what they do is balance the prop, than match all the blades to each other to make sure they're the same blade area, pitch etc, and then they thin the hell out of em!!
The thinner the faster!
The O/B guys are notorious for doing this.
Spinelli, who is (just closed down) maybe the best O/B prop shop in the nation if not the world, has a reputation for blades cracking due to them being so thin.
But you know what?
They're the fastest so no one cares!
A good prop man is like God to me! It is truly a black art!
If you go to a good one, he will ask you enough questions and can do what ever you want him too.
Not sure what the red line is for your motor, but if you have anything left, he might be able to beat some pitch out of it, or take a little dia. out of it, which will both help low end.
Good luck!
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What power do you have? If it's a 502 mag, you might be a bit over propped, I can't remember for sure, but I think they should top out a bit over 5000 rpm-check your manual or the Mercury site. If so, you could see an improvement by having 'em take it down to a 23" pitch( should get another 200 rpm) stainless props can be moved up or down 1" of pitch. Chances are you won't lose top end. You won't gain any holeshot just by lab finishing, you'll need to go down an inch or two of pitch, or go with bigger dia. prop. York Propeller did both my Bravo I's for $400 including shipping. I took the boat for a tryout last weekend in Lake Michigan, and the props are vastly improved in the rough water, they hold A LOT better, the holeshot is about the same. Talk to John at York and he can fix you up, these guys are the best, and a lot more reasonable than Merc($350 per prop!)

York Propeller
1631 B North Placentia
Anaheim, CA 92806
(714) 773-5444
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