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Buying a boat as a "dealer"........huh?

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Question Buying a boat as a "dealer"........huh?

I've always wondered about people that buy a new boat year, twice a year, every other year.....some say they have "dealers license" and it is for sale as soon as they buy it and therefore don't have to pay sales tax.

Can they use this boat.....or is each run a "test drive" or "demo" or what? What is the real deal?
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As long as the buyer has a valid dealer liscense and a tax #, it's probrably OK,and the selling dealer is ok not to charge tax. But without proper documentation,if the selling dealer is audited,he may be liable for the unpaid tax. Been there,done that.This is done a lot by car dealers,sometimes it works,sometimes not.The details vary a lot state to state.

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dont know how it is in other states but in MO

6 units sold per tag (car tag) that same car tag will allow you to sell up to 9 boats, if you will sell more than 9 in a year you can get a marine dealer tag to display on the boats while on demo or test...
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Hey Nort let's buy 9 x $200 pos's on ebay sell them to me and I will sell them to you back every year and then we don't need to pay taxes anywhere!!!
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