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LCM going down?

Old 09-17-2009, 06:20 PM
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I tried to make a deal with LCM this past summer and they were soooo high and firm on a boat....that it was impossible to even "try" to put a deal together. Thank god I decided against LCM. Just my 2 cents.
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Originally Posted by jayboat View Post
Just curious, does anyone know how many folks were employed there? Did they have a large service dept?
On April 14th 2002,the mechanics did NOT have a clue how to use a Leak Down tester.They charged me for the test and said the motor had ZERO leakage.

I don't think that had many employs,10?

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Originally Posted by US1 Fountain View Post
Damn, a neg topic about LCM and it's still up.

Maybe they owe OSO money as well!

Reality is the place is a joke, my last Fountain was sold new by them with the trailer. It took me, as third owner, a year and a half to get the trailer paper work straight in order to get title and register it. Were it not for the sweet and fiesty gal in their local Kentucky DMV getting on their case I doubt it ever would have happened.

Their website has been showing boats for sale that were also for sale five years ago when I contacted them about the same boats, they didn't even know where they were back then.
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Originally Posted by dreamer View Post
32 boats repoed

i was just there
Either of the full stagger Top Guns without motors show up? One being the red Superman boat and the other the purple jungle boat?
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what state are the boats listed under?
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they were stuck on them tried to deal a few times couldnt get anywhere there boat was worth more than book mine just barely above what the trailer was worth. and the attitude they had was, well thats another story.
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Any one have a link and a state where they are at?
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Everyone jumping on the bashing bandwagon should know that LCM employs much more than 10 people and is important to this area. There is a reason that they rose to one of the largest performance boat dealerships in the nation. To become as big as they were, in rural Kentucky, they were not just lucky. To many, including me, they gave very fair deals and handled everything professionally. They successfully sponsored some very successful offshore race teams. I have heard of some not so good dealings of late. There are some very good people who work there that won't have a job if they go down. It will be significant loss to our sport in this area and a significant loss to the manufacturers who moved a lot of product through LCM.
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I know Randy was alway Nice and helpful to me.. Never could buy a boat from him, but in all fair-ness many of them are not his boats.. he would try to put a deal together but the owners are the ones that would not sell.. Good ppl in my book..
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I've tried to buy a boat (not the same one) from them many times ... their prices were not based on reality. I looked at a couple of boats that they were brokering, and they didn't take care of them. One had so much mold growing in the cabin, it was pitiful. They said "wasn't their boat, don't care, its the owners responsibility". One happened to be a friend of mine's boat, so I told him about it and he went and got it out of their lot. Much of the cabin was ruined. Every time I tried to deal with them on a boat, I felt like I needed to take a shower after "working with them". I almost bought one boat, but the title was 2 people (supposed sales transactions) behind, and that didn't settle well with me, so I walked. Sorry, but that has been my experience trying to buy a boat from them for the past 6 years.
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