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Today, I my starboard engine hydrolocked. What a sad site it is to see, when removing the spark plugs leads to a GUSH of water out of your motor!

Filled it with ATF, cranked it over, nothing is bent.

All 8 cylinders where filled.

Happened AFTER I SHUT THE BOAT DOWN... in other words, pulled up, dropped anchor, all was fine, no problems, went to start it, and bam, locked.


Anyway... Im dead in the water, and almost got shot by my wife when I told her. (I deserve it.)

Think its probably gonna need a new intake manifold. bout $200 i hear.

I may end up selling this boat and buying a zodiac! (im not kidding)
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Nick, sorry to hear about that.
I think you mean exhaust manifold don't you?
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Nick, it almost sounds like reversion. Did you pull up and back down really fast then shut it down? water could have come up higher than tips and engine could have drank some water.
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well that sucks...... whent thru it last yr....although yours does sound like you took a wave or wake in the transom , at least nothing appears to be bent....I ended up pulling my engine but it was tired anyhow...not sure if you can get away with finding the prob and fixxing it ..without pulling yoru engine and digging deep. but i would think that the sooner the better , get that thing running to boil out any remaining water, but if enough is in there it will sludge up and then your oil pressure will go and you can imagine the end result of sure there are many opinions on this topic... I'd like to hear them myself.....good luck
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Nickslick I have a string going on this subject for you as well. Look it up there are some suggestions. We have to just find out were the water came from. 200 bucks is still WAY less then a month of payment on a new boat Hell even if you needed a brand new motor, finance that and you will still be less then a brand new boat!!!! All the problems you have been having are motor related.... You just need to figure them out one step at a time.

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had a simular situation a couple years ago, it was rusted exhaust manifolds, I did'nt pull the motor until fall but when I did two of the rods were bent! ouch that hurts.....well step back take a couple days off from looking at it then get to it! It will be worth the effort when its
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Did you have a lot of heavy people standing or sitting on the back of your boat while anchored? I would definately clean in out like you said, tranny fluid is a great way, and run her again to get problem definition. Too many times in my life I've jumped to conclusions and caused my self more pain then necessary.

Good luck Nick,

(PS I have a seaworthy with a 7.5hp Sears gamefish I could sell you for cheap! Top speed about 100! inches per second.

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Had that happen a couple of years ago when one of them backfired. Just took the plugs out, turned it over to clean it out. Fired it back up, and it ran fine. Hopefully, you will be as lucky.
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nick sorry to hear about the troubles. Have you though about sellgin off your 502 and gettinga pair of 502 efi takeouts? There are a few pairs for sale and some arn't to pricey.

you can't go to the zodiac!!!!
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Nickslick, please read my post to Audiofn in his thread about your engine.
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