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28 sunsation or 25 baja outlaw


28 sunsation or 25 baja outlaw

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FlyinBrian, where do you run your 25 at in central Ohio? We have a 252 Boss here in our club (custom motor maybe 80mph). Didn't see much of him last year but I'll see a lot this year...
I boat on Lake Erie.

Your friend's 252 Boss is an entirely different boat than my 25 Outlaw, not to mention, I am sure it is equipped different than mine.
I see people that drag their 30' boat to Erie, head out for a day of boating to find out that they are not comfortable driving in rough seas. The roughest water they have driven in is wake off of a cruiser on the Ohio River. They don't take the time to learn how to drive their boat properly in these conditions and decide that Lake Erie is too rough for them. This may be the case with your friend and his 252.
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Why do some of you keep comparing the handling characteristics of a 28 vs. a 25. If the 28 can handle rough water better than the 25, then it's just shooting par. I would expect nothing less.

At any rate - if you have both of these boats brand new (zero hours, right off the truck) with equal equipment and identical price, I would take the 28 everytime. If they are both used and have the same price, then all bets are off. Call in the surveyor.

Some of you talk about resale of the two. We all know that Sunsations are great boats but I pity anybody who has to sell a boat built by a small builder. He limits his prospective buyers to those who are at least somewhat educated in performance boats and knows what that small builder's name represents. I've been there and it sucks. When I sold my Donzi 16 Classic, I got pretty tired of explaining to people what a Donzi was and why they were good boats. Donzi has come a long way since then but you get the point.
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Troutly, I believe the guy who ran the 10-12's was also the one quoted by Vype340 and if I recall correctly it was done in a 22 during a poker run with family onboard Can anyone say credibility???

FlyinBrian, I admit I don't know the differences between the Boss and Outlaw hulls. I always thought it was just the top shell for a difference in appearance/style. The guy I know in the 252 has no shortage of big water here in the southern Chesbay (might as well call it Atlantic Ocean). On the big lakes I've heard it's rare anyone goes outside the break walls when it turns bad due to the kooky confusion of the waters. It's the same down here and no one will go out in it choosing to remain in protected waters unless we get trapped on the other side. That happens a lot due to the onery nature the Chesapeake....

29Outlaw, you're correct. 25 vs 28 of any kind is apples and oranges...

Look at'em. Ride'em. Research the building of both and throw in a 280 Powerquest for good measure in the bargain department. let us know what you find out and what your gut feelings are...

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Old 04-09-2002, 12:20 PM
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It's funny hearing you guys say "If you want something different, get the Sunsation". There are a ton of them On Lake St Clair, but this is where they are built, and They are popular around here. I'd say the 28 over a 25 any day, plus the resale factor of a growing company like sunsation will be getting better as they get more recognised and popular around the country.
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why aren't you shopping the 29 outlaw against a 28 sunsation?
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My guess would be price, there are a couple new 288 Sunsations for sale a 2001 and a 2002 for $63,500 and $64,950 both with 502's on trailers. How much does a new 25' Baja with a 502 on a trailer cost? Same for the 29' Baja? Or is the 29' available only in twins?
I'm just guessing he is compairing the two because they are similar in price. I think a 29' Baja would be more compairable to the 32' Sunsation.

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I don't want a 29 with twins because I don't want to have to worry about 2x everything. not right now. I have a blown mustang cobra and sold my 1989 turbo trans am just looking for a well built boat that i can have fun with I have been shopping for almost a year and seen some real junkers so far and it's costing me mor emoney for plane tix and hotels to look at these junkers. I have a few more left to look at I will let ya know by next week what i found over the weekend
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Here we go again.... LOL
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They are both good boats. I don't think you could go wrong with either one. It would depend on the price and condition. I have looked at a 288 as a step up from my 260 Baja. It certainly would be a better rough water ride than what I have now. All other things considered though, I am not so sure. I was not impressed with the space in the cabin. I am 5' 10" and could not sit up straight on the couch due to the low headroom. The Sunsation is a lower freeboard and lower overall height design than the Baja 25. That could account for the difference in speed. Less wind resistance in the 288. On the other hand, the Baja will give you better visibilty because you set higher up on the water. Check the little things like that and decide what is most important to you. Speed and ride are not the only things to consider unless you spend 90% of your boating time at WOT in rough water. Also, if you do a lot of long distance cruising, a windshield is nice.
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