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Pros and cons of prochargeing my 540

Old 10-12-2009, 10:52 PM
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I previously owned a Top Gun that is equipped with procharged merc 500 efi's with M1 Self contained units. The boat is still going strong for the current owner and has logged over 800 hours !!!
I keep telling him to write Procharger about his / our success on this setup...
The ONLY time i ever had an issue is when a fuel pump went out at about 250hours- but this can happen to anyone with any brand equipment.
I would own a procharged boat again !!!
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Originally Posted by sonic View Post
Im thinking about putting injection and a procharger on my 540 but i dont want to have any reliability problems.Thanx for any info
Then dont do it.

Unless you are going to go through the whole engine youve got and put the right parts in.

Been there done that this advice applies to any "add on" supercharger of ANY type.

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Can I borrow .02 cents, I bought my boat after a mechanic looked at it and gave it thumbs up. Twin 502s with Livorsi super chargers/ intercoolers on it, after the 2nd month and 3rd time on the boat both engine blew up. After 7 months of redoing both engines and having Tyler Crokket himself map the computer the boat was up and running, oh yeah cost only about $35,000. Fast forward 2 years, 30hrs on the engines, my port engine starts leaking oil, leak down test reveals something is wrong. My mechanic pulls the engine for a light rebuild, checks on the intercoolers and both are completely clogged up, new ones to replace the intercoolers are $2000/each. I would go with 525's and have them run all day every day!!! Have sunk almost $60,000 in these engines and have only put 30 hrs on the boat. Livorsi stopped selling their supercharges for a reason!!
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Livorsi sold a few different supercharger set ups over the years. The Vortech system that I purchased had remapping done, larger fuel lines, bigger injectors, electric add on fuel pump, etc. They warned me when I put the system on about the two things that might happen. The stock head gaskets gave way and the Bravo 1 could not handle the power. As stated by several on here - it is not bolt on and go. Regarding the previous statement about Livorsi's system, I put over 700 hours on the motor after the rebuild and sold it still going strong.
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Have 540 with m4 procharger, rtech intercooler, & fast efi setup. The problem with procharger is you prop the boat for max rpm where it is at max boost. When you come on plane you do not have much boost so boat takes it time coming on plane. Good news is procharger is easier on the outdrive, vers roots or whipple blower.

Poor setup can tear a motor up quick. Will procharger make your boat less reliable then not being procharged? Depends on how you drive but when ever you have more HP, the odds of tearing up somethng increases.
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That was very well stated.

If you have 800 plus H/P and run your boat several times a season at WOT and have a XR or Imco sc drive at about 50 to 75 hrs. the drive will go
I paid to build a boat like that once and that is what happened to me, the motor was fine and never gave any problem just finally reached the max top end the boat was going to go without going with 1000 HP.
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Originally Posted by sonic View Post
Pros and cons of prochargeing my 540
Pro: Speed
Con: Heat.....and eventually....Kaboom
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I recently built a 540 with a procharger after I blew up my 502. Take the time to build the motor to handle what you are going to do to it. If not you are pissing money out the back.
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Thanx for all the input guys.My engine was build by Boyd's motorsports in lake George ny.There was no expense spared when this engine was being put together so i think i will be ok with the pro charger.Boyd is putting the F.A.S.T. fuel injection set up on it as we speak.Im already around 700 hp but need more.I sick of that little blue sutphen of morgans beating me LOL.
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