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Pet food warning (NUTRO)

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Default Pet food warning (NUTRO)

Mods please leave this here for maximum exposure please.
This information is a little old ( 2 weeks) but better late than never. While I was out of the country my buddy Jesse was taking care of my Dalmation MJ, he phoned me in Amsterdam to tell me there had been a recall of Nutro pet food of a certain variety and then he did some reading up on it and found out there were a slew of lawsuits against the parent company for pet deaths. There is so much information out there that I don't know what to believe but if there is this much hoopla going on I want to side with caution and switched over to the Blue Buffalo brand, it makes MJ a little gassy but I think it will be ok in a couple of weeks when she is accustomed to it.
I am attaching a few links, again I cant verify any of this stuff but I would hate for anything to happen to any of our pets so if you are currently still using Nutro then educate yourself and make your own decision.


I was also told that most of these problems are stemming from use of Chinese beef but I cannot verify that so take it with a grain of salt.
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just got a British black lab... good info .. Thanks Jeff
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I had a Dalmation too (my namesake), try upping the fat content of the food, I did that and it got rid of all her gas...thank goodness LOL!
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Indy I think that's the first time I ever heard anyone thank goodness for a dog fart but I see your point
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Thanks. I have been feeding my two cats Nutro for years. One of them has had issues throwing up yellow stuff. Nice to find out baout this schit on OSO. Unbelieveable.
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Our pup has been on Blue Buff since we got him. High protein, no sugars, good stuff..

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just got a GSP " 2 weeks ago we have him on "wellness" comparable to wysong etc..
they need all the best food you can give, it does make a difference in age span.
Good info on the nuto .. good post!
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Damn, you think they would have learned after the melamine problems. We thought it was safe to go back and have been using the Nutro ULTRA.

Thanks for the heads up.
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Thank God my "Rudy" is on Science Diet. Some lame dog food, profit crazy,stupid company kills my dog, the're gonna have to leave the country before I get to them!

Thanks for the heads up!

Ray @ Raylar
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We had our pit bull pups on Nutro puppy food until August when we switched them to adult food. The male started having diarrhea so we switched to the Nutro Sensitive Stomach food and mixed in their canned food. His stools have firmed up now but I'll keep a close watch on his anal emissions lol(I have to I'm the one who walks them and picks up after them). His sister doesn't have any problems on Nutro.

I use the 100ct bags and my wife bought a diaper bag contraption that has a hole in the top with a lid that pops up when you step on the opener at the bottom, It uses a round liner thing so the bags go right down into the bag when the lid is opened. It has a cutter blade so the day before trash pickup I just open the top cut the bag tie it off and put it in the trash bag. Simple and easy cleanup.
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