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Engine Warmup / Ramp Etiquette

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I have stock SBC on main boat but have a small fishing boat with carb 2 stroke that is more cold sensitive. If I am solo I try to start it on trailer and back off and tie up at fast idle while parking truck. I did have someone complain once about the delay/smoke (is 2 stroke) and I just ignored them. But I boat nearly weekly and trailer both boats so I spend a fair amount of time at ramps. If I am going with boat savvy friend or wife they typically drive off and then circle ramp and pick me up.

Do your own deal, if boat takes a bit to warm up then use that time. I once helped a guy with a pretty new large cruiser launch and park trailer after he hit every curb in the place and jack knifed the trailer twice. He told me when I walked up and offered to help he was sure I wanted to fight since I was waiting for him to launch in the pre stage area and every other time he launched he got into arguments and nobody ever offered to help. I tried to teach him the hold wheel at bottom trick that helped my wife learn to back. (Personally I hate that method but works for some). Always amazes me how quickly people forget this a hobby and supposed to be "fun" and get all fired up over stupid crap.
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Originally Posted by nick9671 View Post
I agree with RaggedEdge, you should take as long as you want and if someone has a problem with that, tell them to go f*** themselves, I can't stand rude impatient people!!

So as not to sound like a butt head there is one thing I would add here. I will let someone go ahead of me with a small boat or if they seem like they are in a big rush. I figure that "pays" for the extra few minutes I may take to do things my way. The GF and I have a system down for launch and reload that's pretty much brain dead, takes a minute longer, but works every time, no hassles or bickering over the deal. The dumbest chit I see at the launch is the guy raggin' on his other half because it just isn't working right. Like it would be her fault he just can't get his chit together.

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I just have the boat loaded and unstrapped when I pull down the ramp and then warm it up as needed. No matter what you do someone will have a problem. I'll bet he had other issues as well.
Take your time and pull off when you are ready. Anyone with any sense would know what you are doing. Amaizing what you see at the ramp though!
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I don't see a problem, the only people that get me are the ones that back all the way down, then start loading, uncover, take straps off, what ever.
If your there and just waiting for the motors to warm who cares. I know what you mean, even if the wife is with me I still have to do everything.
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I got a good story last time I was down on the Ohio river I paid to use the local ramp.... Nice ramp but very small dock my boats longer then the dock, anyways it's midnight or so & the ohio's got a nice lil current as we are pulling up I notice some people are fishing off this small dock even though the dock says no fishing all over it, you know whatever not a problem with me, they reeled n there lines but never removed there poles off the end of the dock or moved outta the way so my buddie could step off the swim deck, I had to turn around drive up stream & float down stern first n an angle to put him off in about the middle of the dock. Guys never offered a hand & stood there lookin @ me like I was in there way a lil irritated now! Well when I launched 1 of the bumpers fell off my trailer jack into the muddy water couldn't be found so I got the boat on the trailer far enough so the current isn't pushing & it's staying n place but I'm up on the bow handing my buddy some towels & other things to replace the bumper for the ride home, while I'm on the bow another boat comes in on the other side of the dock ties up asks the fishers if there catchin anything, guess they didn't think I could hear them cause this Dbag has enough nerve to say we were doin good till these retards came in & scared off everything taking so long, now I'm pissed i turned around & asked the guy if I was a f***in retard for using a boat ramp to launch & load a boat he goes huh what are u talkin about, like dude I just heard you call me a retard for using a boat ramp to load a boat... Well well you guys are taking so long, my response if you jerk offs weren't fishing on a BOAT Ramp dock were it says NO FISHING or of @ least just got the hell outta the way when we came in we'd of been gone 15-20 minutes ago, I asked if he paid to fish cause last time I checked I paid $15 just to launch & load my boat... His response I know the owner I don't have to pay... I looked @ him n said & i'm the retard it's a public park owned by the city of cincinnati dumba** finally after my buddy sitting n the Boat enjoying all this got me calmed down & to finish loading the boat as we are getting ready pull up outta the water this guy has enough nerve to ask if we had anymore beer & if we'd give him 1.... Just laughed said are you serious & drove on lol

I guess basically there's just some dumba** people in this world that shouldn't be allowed to bread
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last time I used the ramps I don't recall there being a time limit posted on them.great idea about launching and going and parking the truck,buys you time.We all try to get in and on our way as fast as possible,sounds like this dude just had issues and wanted to ruin your day.It's true you can't make everyone happy ,seems like people are getting really bent out of shape over the smallest things hate to be around this guy if he had a real problem.Happy boating!!!
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Originally Posted by METAL BROS RACING View Post
This one is easy.
Simply raise your engine hatch, it is universal sign that something is not ready or there is a problem.
also ask the ass for a boost off or some oil that will get rid of the DWE
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Originally Posted by Smitty View Post
I back mine in and get it off the trailer. Tie it up to dock and start motors. I leave boat running when I know motors will not die. I go and park truck/trailer and walk back to ramp. This takes about 2 minutes so that should be enough to get your motors up to temp enough to idle away.

And if some guy starts yelling, move slower !!!!!
Are the gas tanks full when you do this? I will wait next time at Watts Marine when you launch and take the boat out for you to warm it up real good. I just may take all afternoon though. Be nice and leave some beer money on the dash.
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I've always backed the boat in, got out of the truck, went back and started the boat, then put out fenders and lines, let boat loose from trailer and tied up at dock. Then I park the the truck and trailer while boat is warming up (like most). I usually do this by myself and when friends do come out I still do it alone, it's just easier for me. All in all, it taked me less than 3 mins. to back in, warm up, park and leave the docks. Most of my time spent at the the ramp is WAITING for morons that have no clue what they are doing. I've even had to wait for someone that thought it was a great idea to drop the boat and park the truck to come back to start up and find out his batteries were dead! THEN walk around and ask people if they had a jump pack, and then put it back on the trailer!

I have had people complain about the noise, and the dirty looks from the guys fishing too, with no fishing signs. At that point I crank the stereo (8 speakers- 2 subs and 3 amps) with "Pop That Pu$$y" (2 Live Crew) playing while I idle out, LOL! That'll really get them steaming!
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Seems like when you have a performance boat, you're in a no win situation nomatter what you do. I always fire the engines while the trailer in still under the boat, then when I know they won't die, I'll pull out the trailer and park it. By that time, the engines have some temp in em, and they'll idle when put into gear. Sometimes I have to put em in reverse just for a second then back in neutral if they seem like they're gonna kill, but the backward movement is still taking the boat out of the slip, but slowly.
Never had anyone ever complain about how long it's taking me to launch, but after the engines are running warming up, I've had a few people start clapping when I pull away. I usually just put my hand up by my ear, and yell back Sorry, I can't hear you as I'm laughing at em.
Although, there were a few times when I shut down the engines and yelled back at the dock, I'll bet not one of you m'fers 'll say chit if I pull back to the dock !!! now shut the phuck up and dont make me prove what a phuckin pu$$y you all are in front of your girlfriends and families !!! That usually gives them a different attitude real quick.
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