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Bought a 2000 ford crew with Powerstroke, need info...

Old 04-10-2002, 11:37 PM
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Hey guys ,Sorry I took so long to check in . If you guys want Western diesel products let me know . Many options availible . They do not void warentee . I'm sure you have herd of Centurion custom trucks ?? Well they come from the factory with the western diesel pro shot system . 3 stage chip , ram air system, exhaust , and gauges and a turbo brake . Also "2L customs" trucks from Texas comes with the WD system stock from the factory ! How many other companies can say that there chips ,etc. are a stock item on a factory sponsered truck ? They are fully warentied . It may be just rumor but I have herd bad feed back about the programmers . Please forgive me if I am wrong .

I was offered several different distributerships for other chips and 2 differnt programmers . I prefer the WD stuff . Just my .02.
I used to use Banks & ATS turbos ,exhaust ,etc . THey were better then stock but not much compared to a simple chip from WD. I have not personaly used any of BAnks or Ats's new chips . THey probably work fine as they are both good companies .

The only thing that makes me wonder is I am replacing 2 brand new ,full banks kits for 2 different guys with the WD kit . After they rode in my truck they couldn't get it changd quick enough !! NO KIDDING !! They are in the shop right now having there factory turbos put back on so I can do my job ! And may have picked up another job today on a brand spanking new F550 that was here today with some kind of system they want to change .

Anyway ,if anyone is interested ,e-mail me . There are several people on the board that I have mailed kits to and called me back very happy about it ! And a few want kits for thier friends .

I give special prices to you fellow OSOer's .

Retail: ford chip is $499/add 75hp -150 ft ibs torque /1-3 more mpg.

retail :tri power $770 /up to 435hp & 950 ft ibs / gain 2-5mpg .( I gained about 3mpg.) adjustable on the fly !

Ram air gains up to 13% ,full stainless and custom exhaust , gauges ,turbo brakes etc.

e-mail me for your price ,or just ask quesions . I have no problem giving out a little free info ! [email protected]

PS. Beware of the systems that 'YOU' program ! It is fine to pick a horse power number and enter it but if you actualy program it ......God help your motor !! Thats what the computer is for .It picks what works and what doesn't . It has many sensors to feed it info all the time . YOU , nor I ,can pick what is best for a given situation better then the computer can because it constantly changes ! Good luck with the new truck ! I'm done yackin now ................
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Old 04-10-2002, 11:39 PM
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Give Wade a call at WP Performance in KY- he'll talk your ear off on every question you might have about a PSD.
I'm still a rookie at this diesel thing and he gave me a lot of good info, as well as a GREAT price on the SCMT.

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Sorry ,I'm back again !

Just wanted to mension , as far as no trace with the programmer , You have to reprogram it back to stock .So you have to carry the programmer with you for the rest of your life incase you break down on the road ! If it goes to ford ,they will install a new computer at your cost because they can't change what you put in and they can't diagnose it with your program in it .

With a chip , if you are worried out it , all you need is a 10mm socket or wrench or pliers if nothing else .And you can borrow one of those anywhere ! about 2-3 minutes the chip is out . Worst case ford could just pop it out if they had to for you ,so they can do diagnostics on it . And since custom companies are installing WD systems and selling them on Ford lots , Most of the better Ford dealers will be farmiliar with them .

THat goes for Chevy and Dodge too !! Don't want to leave you guys out .

And for Exhaust temps , most Western Diesel systems average 200-250 degrees less temp then when they were stock . These are not what they call "hot chips" ! Thats all WD does is late model diesels . They are not car engine (gas) chip people that just desided to jump on the diesel wagon .

I forget who it was now but someone I beleive from Arizon on here with a Dodge said he had just a WD chip . NO exhaust upgrade ,and pulling his big boat hard it was around 200 degrees cooler exhaust temps then stock and his trans temp never went over 170 !! Maybe he'll step in and tell me if I'm lying to ya .

Later .........
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Old 04-11-2002, 12:01 AM
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With the programmers have you guys noticed them mess up the trip computers? I know the Wester chip does.

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Old 04-11-2002, 12:07 AM
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WOW... thats a mouth full!!!!

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Audiofn, Your right ,if you have the Lariet with the overhead computer that tells milage and miles till empty, all chips and programs will through that off some . With WD systems everything else works fine . Someone on here posted that their programmer messed up EVERYTHING ! speedo ,tach ,gas gauge etc . Just what I read on here once .
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Hey Ken , Are you the old KenP ?? with the spectre cat ?
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Old 04-11-2002, 10:01 AM
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Thanks boot, I'll forward this to my friend.
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Old 04-11-2002, 12:16 PM
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Default "chips"

Hey Boot,

Thanks for all the info., where are you located? In addition to superchip I have been working to pick up the WD line, they offer a great product as well.

I am pretty excited about both products and do not have a favorite yet, but so far I have been very impressed with the dealer support that WD offers vs. superchip.

By the way, the arizona person you were talking about is Art Witzell from the American Hot Boat Association, and in fact he did have a WD chip, pillar and gauges installed and has been very happy. He hauls a 34 Advantage around and also mentioned to me that his EGT's & trans. temp were in check.

Have a good day,
Don Baca
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jb, when it comes to chips and reprograming your vehicle's computer, you generally get what you pay for! Check to see what your getting with the program. Mere horsepower gains don't tell the whole story. I can tell you from experience Super Chips (located in longwood Fl) gives you a complete program. Not only will you see HP gains, but they will remove the top speed limiter, adjust your shift points, raise the rpm limiter, and firm up the shifting of your transmittion. These adjustments will make greater preformance gains than mere HP alone.
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