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What would you do?

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Angry What would you do?

If you just found out that your local lake was going to be drained to a level unsuitable for sport boating for a period of two friggin years??? Would you...
A) Sell your boat now rather than continue making payments and absorbing deflation.
B) Hold on to it for the few road trips/year you could take.
C) Kill the Feds who ordered the local power company to do it for... get this...earthquake protection!!!! It seems the hydroelectric dam that was built 70 + years ago suddenly has been deemed an earthquake risk. And everyone knows how many earthquakes of 5.0 magnitude and above we have in the state of South Carolina!!!! Hell this isn't Southern California for God sakes.
So when the rest of you guys think you have problems...remember us here in South Carolina. It could be worse.
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Man your gonna have to haul it or move it somewhere where you can use beats not boating at all.

Or bring it to KC and I'll watch it for you for a couple of years.
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Move to California ...
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first and for most
I would never own a boat anywhere that I only had one place to go
Gotta have many local options.
Maybe I ahve been lucky as to my locations.
But to answer your ?
Sounds like a career change or a new hobby is instore for you and your family.
I would sell if i could not use my boat for 2 years
This Cat is trying to keep up with the Big Dogs
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Hey Fred, it all starts about August. We have this summer to run and that's it for 730 days. This sucks out loud!
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Hey Curt,
Can you say...ROAD TRIP!?!?!? This actually has Kenneth thinking about putting the boat in salt water! We may have to hook up with some of the other boat clubs around the east coast. Maybe we can even make it to some of the places we never usually go!

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So Ken is finally going to have to suck it up like a man? A little salt never hurt anyone!!!
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I suppose i would consider what is more important to me .... I f i had to sacrifice a couple things to go elswhere to throw the boat in the water .. it might be well worth it... or it might not.... ...At most i think i would downsize and pull that thing wherever i had to ...

good luck...
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speel chekk this fokker!
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i would think sell it off now and get soemthign that is smaller and fully paid off. Then when eth lake fills back up you coudlget a new boat then.

Too Old the new icon is great!!!!
Pardon me, while I whip this out!
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Thumbs up Freeze Frame VIdeos on DVD!!!!!

The new video's on DVD are out and much better then the old stuff. If you guys that have stuff on tape want it in DVD I am sure he can upgrade ya. They are going to last for ever now with no rewind. Check it out. Still the best gig in town even if it is a little pricey

Put your best foot forward!
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