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Post 29 Scarab (rate)

What kinda speed might I find with this boat.The factory says that the max. HP is 600,I find that hard to believe.Thats twin 350 mags as optimum power.I was thinking more of 500 efi`s or a single 575 or 600 sc.I`m looking for low 80`s,but I dont think 350`s are going to get me to mid 70`s.Do u know if Wellcraft will drop the glass winshield for a racing fairing instead. I do not like glass windshields on perf. boats.The 33 is perfect but my pockets are not that deep.I kinda forgot about Wellcraft and the Scarab line with so many other Perf.Co. out there today.Do they still make a sound boat(performance boat)What might I expect to $$$$$ for this ride (ballpark)?
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I'm sure you'll get a lot of input from everyone else about the boat in general. All I can offer is a 29 Scarab that I think is a good deal.

There's a dealer in New York that has a brand new 2001 w/ a 496HO in it for $69,900. That price is w/o trailer, but I think he is REAL motivated to sell! I have emailed a couple times about the boat. VERY motivated! FYI

Put a Whipple on it and you should be running pretty good.

Let me know if you want the link to the add and I'll hook you up.

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600hp is NOT the maximum that hull can handle. I've got more than that in my 26 !
When I bought mine it was a toss up between the two models. I liked the 29 for the obvious , the length but the things that made me choose mine is it has a wider beam and I didn't care for the way the passenger /bolster layout was. Instead of a cabin entry door in the center of the cockpit it was to the portside, so the passengers feet were against the cabin door. Those are just my personal reasons. Other than that the 29 is a great boat, I wouldn't choose the twin small block configuration I'd rather have one big HP big block.
The 29 is optioned pretty good, I've seen them with k-planes,Gaffrig gauges and shore power.
Had I know that I would be putting big power and trying to go fast I should have bought the 29 and overlooked those minor things I didn't care for.
I have seen these boats on trailers from mid 40's and up. I think the 97 graphics were the best looking though. A fairing was an option but I have never seen one with one. I'm currently putting one on my boat.
I think with a 502MPI they run low to mid 60's in fresh water.
To get into the 80's you will need 675-700hp.
Good luck
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I OWNED ONE with a 502(94) with powerflows and stern jack. Saw 63-66 on gps. Mostly a 62 -63 mph stock. There are placess for the feet on the passenger side, never was an problem with us. Windshield is so small and itegrated it felt like a screen. The boat is laid out nice plenty of room between bolters for her beem. Ever tried to squeeze through the much wider 25 checkmate.
The person who bought mine, tossed the motor and put a supercharged 540 bulldog in it, and saw in the well into 80's.

The boat runs real nice in the bigger water. I always felt the boat wanted a touch more power than a 502. Not because of the speed thing but because in the rougher water it wanted to go faster than the 502 would get it. I think a 500 would have been perfect. If I was to get another one it would be a 1996 p-29(not the reguler twin 29 scarab) or a single.
It was a very easy boat to drive and get a feel for. It was one of our favorite boats we ever owned. Was very nimle yet displed excellat rough water characteristics. Also had a great swim platform and sunpad. And it just loOked LONG. Very solid manufactured boat.
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I know of a 31ft Flatdeck
Scarab with twin 502s,3
man bolster, Standoff boxes,To much to list.
Low $60.000s.
One of the cleanest around
EMail me for info and photos. West Coast
Mike J.
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I am Brokering a 97 29 with Twin 350s and Many upgrades. The Boat has the SCARAB RACING GRAPHICS and the Beetle on both the engin hatch and the V-Berth. I comes with the optional 3 person sit down rear bolster seat, Carpet, Unreal stereo upgrade and very nice trailer. I can send you pics or you can see them on or in the OSO Classifieds. The Boat will be running this weekend with SCOPE so you can bipass me and ask OSO members on Sunday the condition of the boat. I am confident they will say between 8-10. The owner is MOTIVATED!!! to sell Asking is $65. Again MOTIVATED!!! Get the hint?
On another note. Good luck fitting twin Big Blocks in the boat. I had a talk with Dan at Archer about this same thing three days ago and he said it would be a nightmare. Dan would be a great guy for you to call about the quality and specs of this boat. He is at Team Archer Marine and the ## is 949-646-9778. If you would like any info on the 29 that I have call 949-212-7275. I can also get you in a 33 with big power for a good deal! Figure out what you are looking for and give me a call.

Matthew W.DeLisio
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Eastcoaster "If I was to get another one it would be a 1996 p-29(not the reguler twin 29 scarab) or a single."
You and everyone else. That was a limited production boat. 1996 SCARAB P-29, Only 29 built with power upgrades and Blackhawk drives. I think there are 27 still around. 1 in texes with a cracked drive housing (Blackhawk housings are like Gold now) One in New Jersey. One out here in CA. and One in Maryland. These boats are a Brokers Dream!!! You can sell them in about two weeks. I still have a list of 3 peolpe looking for them if one comes on the market. Its amazing what a paint job and engine upgrade can do for a boat.
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With my stock 502efi I saw low 60's.

I've got a completely different story with my 502efi whipple. I'm runnin' mid to low70's with a full tank and 4 people. I think once I get it tweaked in with the right prop and fuel leve ect... I was told I should get upper 70's to low 80's.

The Whipple is giving me, I figure around 625 to 645. I've done some other mods, like zero gap rings on pistons, crane HP gold roller rockers. Stainless marine!!!

I LOVE the boat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its a lot of money for a 575!!!

Twin 350's will get you mid to low 70's , but I didn't want the hassle of maintenance on twins. You have a HELL of alot more room with one BIG BLOCK in it, plus the weight difference.

I'm not sure about the fairing?? I've never asked anyone.

It handles rough water like I've never seen for a 29 foot boat. It lands flat when I launch of a good ONE!!! I NEVER use the trim tabs unless I have more than 4 people in it. I think its all around good boat.

I know everyone has their own opinion. Also the 29 scarab hull has been around for quite a few years and proven itself in the rough stuff!!

Godd luck on whatever your decision might be!!

This just my .02 cents worth.

I have pictures of it in the scarab section!!!!

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I think they made a few 29 Scarabs Special editions with the twin 350's that would run 80? I think they were half red half yellow grafx.

Anyway, for what you are looking for I would buy a 29 Fountain or 28 Sunsation or 28 Velocity, w/ 500hp and whipple it. Stock both will put you in the 73-75mph and with whipple watch out, be running mid 80's

My 2 cents

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