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Low or High water pick-up?

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Originally Posted by rangerrick63 View Post
I learned that the hard way...My first year owning the boat, I ran up on some sand, packed the water lines full, overheated the engine, & blew a head gasket...
It does a very good job, & it's a great piece of mind, but if I can go with a drive with HWP, or even DWP, I will be even happier.

WHen i clogged mine up i didnt know it when it was happening , like i mentioned it was my second or third trip out ,man did i learn the hardway , BOTH engines completely impacted . didnt get hot enough to do damage it because i noticed the gauges luckily. It took me almost 8 hours to clean the cooling systems out , made coat hanger drills ,air , water hose fittings and clamps ...... man what a learning curve . Not to mention the 8 hour tow home.
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Originally Posted by rangerrick63 View Post
So are you suggesting that since the boat came with LWP, I should go back with that, or look for one with DWP (I forgot they offered them with dual)?
I don't think my Sonic has a high X-dim, but I don't really know what is considered high.
I'm pretty sure a DWP would be fine for you.

Originally Posted by mapism View Post
I see the risk with HWP, but do you really think that also applies to DWP?
I have DWP on my leg, with a rather aggressive X dim (19"), but even at WOT, with the drive trimmed out at 5 or so, the water pressure steadily exceeds 25 PSI.
I would have thought that the tremendous water pressure on the LWP, being it just in front of the nose, should more than compensate the risk of sucking air from the HWP...
As long as its keeping the engine cool then its fine. I have known people who had to plug the top 1 or 2 holes on the side/upper intakes.
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