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Here is another shot.. i always thought the nuts should be tappered like this?? with a girdle??

perhaps I should just remove the girdle and change the studs.
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Originally Posted by JohnSchiavarelli View Post
I have often wondered about the nuts being "wrong"..
the shafts might be upside down also.. not sure.. they were installed like that from the builder.. canfield is out of business.. cannot ask them..

Do you think I should change the nuts only? or do the rockers need a change as well??

I have a great deal on a Jesel setup I can grab.. they are 30% off for the canfield heads right now.. as long as they are bolt on I might pull the trigger..
Not sure about these rocker shafts, i'ts been a while since I've done any HP engines. The original Merc 400 rockers had a flat side and a round side on the shaft. Had a customer put his back togeteher and had a few upside down. It caused the nut to loosen and set screw came out falling into camshaft. went between block and lobe and punched hole in the block.
Check the shaft and see if it has two different sides, one side may be rounded or higher than the other. If they are diff. check to see if any are upside down. Either way I would change them. Hitting the nuts may have done more damage than you can see and if they break you will really have a problem. Make sure either way you go you have more clearance between nuts and rockers.
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Wow, nut has a shoulder on it at the top of the rocker! It appears that the shoulder is hitting the top of the rocker, I would go with a different design girdle that uses nuts without the shoulder on it and then make sure the girdle is not pushed down too low!
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Just finished a leak down test on all 8.. results look fantastic.. from 3 % to 5% on all.. except #4.. 6-7%.. cold motor though.. either way I think the #7 cyl is looking good.. also.. got an “on head” spring tester today.. I just did #7 intake and #7 exhaust ( and the #1 intake and exhaust for comparison sake) . if I understand correctly ( and this is the first time ever using the tool), the “seat” pressure is right @ 200#.. on all..

I am using this definition of seat pressure: Seat pressure is the amount of pressure, as read on the gauge, to make the value stem “visibly” move just the slightest bit downward.

If I am using the tool correctly, then it appears the #7 springs “match” the #1 springs. In that case spring pressure did not cause the damage to the rocker. And since the leak down test was good I can only assume
a) I tightened the valves down too far
b) The stud girdle was installed incorrectly.
c) Something went wrong with the lifter???
d) ???????

Please correct me if I am wrong. But it appears this motor does not need to be disassembled. Perhaps a jesel setup or at least new rockers and stud ( minus a girdle ) are in order.

Thanks for the help
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jesel is never a bad idea, stud girdle if you cant swing the jesel (they are expensive) . I think the correct adjustment on hyd roller is go to zero lash and then 1\4 to 1\3 turn.
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