Livorsi Marine GPS Speedo

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There is a thread on here or SOS that shows a step by step of replacing the battery yourself. Do a search, could save you some $$$$.
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How can I tell if I have the old battery powered unit or the new style?
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Originally Posted by aTX427
How can I tell if I have the old battery powered unit or the new style?
When it dies you will know...(Sorry couldnt resist) Mine died this year too (Lifted from the other thread)

Originally Posted by GAUGETHIS
The antenna has to come back to Livorsi for the battery change. It is welded in and cannot be changed by a consumer. The battery is used to hold the satelites signal from power up to power up otherwise everytime you turned it on it would take some time serarching for satalites. The new ones do not have a battery and gets it power from the guage.

Generally if the pointer goes to the 9 oclock position on the gauge it is the battery.

Welded? you mean soldered, and YES the consumer can change it out, I just did, the battery cost me $3.78 with tax and Battery Plus store tacked on the tabs and shrink wrap, $75+ Shipping is a complete Dis- Service to all of us that have kept Livorsi in business, not good customer service at all, and thats my 2c worth, Oh, and on the new ones, the need your plug plus $200+ , and you can get the new one, no trade in allowance for terrible designed unit.

ALL you need to do is unscrew the white cap, the metal top just pops off, you will have 3 small screws that come out, then that circuit board lifts out, use solder wick, remove the battery, leave the tabs connected to battery, take the battery to the nearest Battery Plus store , re-solder, Done, do not even need to remove the unit from the boat.

(Posted by Goodtimin)

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