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Spectre Powerboats?? New hull and new (old) owner?

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Default Spectre Powerboats?? New hull and new (old) owner?

I read in Powerboat Magazine that Jay Pillini is building an all new 32 Spectre cat. I recall he sold off the cat molds and name (?) a few years ago and was still building fishing boats in Florida. What is the story? Jay seems to be a very knowledgable boat builder and wish him luck.

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I think that Jay sold the "offshore cat line" to Scot Conrad in California a few years ago. From what I heard, jay is back selling the Spectre line of offshore cats. The 32 came out a couple of years ago and is suppose to be a pretty fantastic boat.

Not sure who owns Spectre anymore. Maybe they both do?

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Jay is a great guy to deal with. I was trying to put together a deal to purchase the cat molds and keep the facility where it was as Jay was still building the center consoles. Figured that would have been a perfect setup. Scott Conrad bought the molds the day before I planned to get down there. He moved them to Cali. I thinks its SC Marine or something to that effect. Don't know how many have been sold but doesnt seem to have the market presence like they once did. Too funny this is brought up, I was just reading my old emails and documents from Jay a couple weeks ago. You snooze you loose...especially in business!

Just pure speculation but if Jay is getting back into it I'd guess there was a no compete clause for a few years that probably expired. Again, just a guess but if its true, I wish him the best of luck.

Was the 42-43 ever brought to market? Molds were about done when the sale went thru a few years ago.
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Originally Posted by fantastixvoyage View Post
Was the 42-43 ever brought to market? Molds were about done when the sale went thru a few years ago.
I saw that Eliminator had it a while ago, but I haven't seen a model built yet. This is all they have on the website.
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I heard Jay was going to make the 32 a little wider and 6 seats.
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I'm sure it will be out soon but Jay is getting back to building the cats again,He will be putting out the 32 first I believe and then the 42.I have been chatting with him about buying a 32 sounds like it's going to be a great boat.
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Default Spectre

Glad to hear Jay is back in the game again.
I have owned:
(2) 30"s with outboards
A 36 with sterndrives
And the 10th 32 that Jay built with 5oo's.

Jay is great to deal with and builds a great boat.
I never had the first problem with any of his boats and never had to anything to them but put gas in them.

The 32 did not have the hop that most cats have and was one of the best boats I have owned.

Looking forward to seeing the next generation Spectre..
I may need my 5th spectre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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He does know his way around cats and performance along with customer service, something hard to find these days. I had the 30 O/B and still to this day miss it. I knew when I sold it because of the insurance cost skyrocketing I would never be able to walk this road again. There isn't a day that I put my Donzi in the water I don't recall those days of flight. Jay GOOD LUCK will see you on the water soon, just at a slower pace.

A.K.A Riskey Behavior
Frank Colla
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Sounds like Conrad bit off a little more than he could chew with Spectre. Does anyone know about his buyout of Jim Hering?
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I met Jay back in 2004. Was down in Florida to look at a boat and stopped by his shop unannounced. He gave me a tour of the facility and showed me his first 32' that he was still in process of finishing. He also had just popped out his first 24' center console and had it all prepped and ready to be picked up by it's new owner.

A class act.
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