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Chicago Boat Show


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Look forward to seeing you there Biggus. We have a small group of the Bad Influence team that will be there on Friday early afternoon.
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Default The money is not there to support these boat shows

Many manufacturers are scrapping the bottom of the resin tank.What I mean is there just isn't available dollars from the boat manufacturer to the dealer to support show space at these major shows to display the boats. With this down economy and high prices to support a boat show for each dealer across the country,the funds are just not there.
Dealers are forced to cover more expenses in displaying what they sell and generate new leads and hopefully land a few new boat sales to help cover the cost of the booth space.
It really important that the dealer displaying his boats will end up writting a few new boat deals at the show to cover the cost in putting their booth together. If not, the end result is that many of the boat shows will continue to downsizing.
The boat companies are doing their best in holding on to their best boat builder employees. The support is fading away in with today's go-fast crowd not purchasing brand new boats like they did ten years ago.The times are rapidly changing and many boaters are leaving the seen or going into a diiferent direction in the type of boating they do. Today's boater seem more incline on holding to the boat they have now and not buying new, going used, or getting out all together.
Without new boat orders for the factory to build,it is getting impossible to support the dealers. Now more and more dealers have went to holding their own boat show open house in their showrooms.The cost is less and seems to work really well. You will contiue to see many boat manufacturers,wheither it is cruisers, performance boats, sport boats, or family runabouts have pulled out of many show across the country including Chicago.
Especially with the performance boats.There gone !
If you want to thump hull sides and get your blood flowing to see performance boats? then the Miami Boat show will be your best bet to spend your dollar for a round trip airline ticket.This is the big show and pretty much a buyers show which attracts serious boaters from all parts of the world.
With what available money these boat companies have put aside, they are counting on this to be the show to support and generate sales and strut their products. Untill these local show promoters can work in cutting the cost for show space and union labor cost to plug in a electrical line and without new boat sales, it will continue to be difficult for dealers and boat manufacturers to attend these boat show.

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