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2010 300xs ?

Old 04-06-2010, 03:54 PM
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Default 2010 300xs ?

hello i wanted to find out if anyone new what the oil burn rate was on the 300xs motor's at difrent rpm's ?

also how does the motor like to idail for let say a hour or 2 at a time ? " @ 1000 rpm "

im looking at buying a single engine boat and ofcourse i want as much performance as possable but i also have a 1.5 year old baby and when she is on the boat we will be running very slow , so i dont want to get the this motor if i will screw it up by not running hard enough @ higher rpm's
of course when baby's not on boat i will haul some a$$ with it but that will not be as much as i would like .

thank's for your help
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I own a single 300xs on my 21' Revolution.
Im in the same boat as yourself as i regularly race the boat however take my 1 year old daughter with us over to the islands of my hometown and regularly plod around at 20mph so as to not bash her around.
It doesnt harm the engine, however i try to open her up whenever the little one isnt in the boat so as to blow out any built up deposits from runnong at regular low rpm.
The 300xs is the only DFI engine by mercury recommending TCW3 instead of DFI oil. Apparently it has something to do with the fact that the TCW3 burns sufficiently at the high rpm where the motor was intended to be driven by mercury racing. However at lower rpm it would probably not be generating enough heat to burn the oil off properly.
Having said this i was told i could run DFI oil in it (its probably better for lower rpm running).
So far i have only ever run TCW3 and never had a problem.

Oil consumption depends on load and rpm.
Worst i seen (after run in) was 4 Litres of oil for 110 litres fuel. (heavy load, high rpm racing)
Best i seen was 2.5 Litres of oil for 200 Litres fuel (cruising around with the kids)
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Dont worry about it Mike, you'll be getting at least twice the gas mileage as me with my old oil burner heck, just mount a trolling motor for the slow zones
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