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How many boats have you ever owned?

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Way cool to see some of these lists! wow...


1975 - 14' Banshee sailboat


... more:

Tahiti Jet Boat 455 olds
30' Owens Cabin Cruiser
Anthony Jet Boat 455 Olds
93/03 Lipship Top Gun - Zuls

We'll see what's next...
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This one made me think.

1. 18 Renken
2. 18 Checkmate Eluder
3. 21 Eliminator O/B
4. 27 Fountain
5. 32 Fountain
6. 35 Fountain
7. 37 Outerlimits
8. 38 Fountain/600's
9. 38 Fountain/700's
10. 20 Hydra-Sport

Dispite my best efforts to keep Fountain's business thriving, I failed to do so.

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I like this thread, a lot of impressive lists on the board. Still many more need to fill them out.

2-Polaris Jet Ski's

25' NOVA Wellcraft

33' Sonic

251 Checkmate

35' Cigarette

13' Spectre Offshore Racer

38' Top Gun
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1984 Wellcraft 192 American Bought new sold for:

1986 Chapparal 235 XLC Bought new sold for:

1988 Walock 23' World Class Bought new traded for:

1982 28 SunRunner Aft Cabin Cruiser w/ twin 190 4 cyl mercs hated and sold for:

1994 25' Hurricane deck boat bought new and sold for:

1994 29 Fountain Fever w/ twin 502's boat sank and used ins money for:

1998 33' Baja Outlaw w 500efi's traded for:

2004 36 Baja Outlaw bought new in '06 Still Have
2006 22' Bennington Pontoon Bought new traded for:

2007 20' Mailbu Response LX Bought new taded for:

2007 247 Mailbu Wakesetter w/ 8.1 Indmar Still have

1941 Cris-Craft 17' Barrel Back w' 4 cly 65 horse Hercules still have in a bunch of boxes but bottom is done and wil be in water next year

Oh yea: 2 stand up and 1 sit down jet skis
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My list of boats I currently own goes as follows;

1985 38ft Cigarette Flat Deck

1991 43ft Scarab Thunder (for sale)

1995 16ft Donzi

1980 14ft Sidewinder

lazer sailboat

12ft tin boat with vintage 10 hp Johnson
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I can account for 35 right now. I have a list somewhere where that shows 40, I think. I just can't remember 38 years of boats too well. I having a new 2750 Lavey built now with a Dustin Whipple 1000HP BBC. My list is all over the place, but here goes.

MFG Cat, sail
16 Hobie, sail
19 ft Sportcraft, 115 Evinrude
17ft Critchfield, 115 Johnson
18ft Moodcraft Bass, 235 Johnson
18ft Moodcraft Bass, 200 Mariner 6 2Barrels, Nitrous
16ft Moodcraft Bass, 140 Johnson
18ft Moodcraft Bass 200 Merc
17ft Bullet Bass, 2.4 Merc
Vking Hydrostream, 200 Mariner 6 2Barrels, Nitrous
YT Hydrostream, 2.4 Merc
XT Hydrostream, 2.4 Merc
YT Hydrostream, 2.4 Merc
Allison "Canoe", 2.4 Merc
Allison XR, 2.5 Merc, SVS, Nitrous
Allison "Canoe", 2.5 Merc
16 Jon, 35 Johnson
17 Lowe Jon, 75 Johnson
18 Lowe Jon, 60 Mariner
17 G3 Jon, 40HP Merc Jet
24 Duracraft Pontoon, 80hp? Chrysler
26 JC Poontoon, Hard Top, 140 Johnson
26 JC Pontoon, Hard Top, 200 Merc
650 Kaw Ski
1100 Yam Ski
1100 Waveradier Yam Ski
FX Yam Ski
18 FT Mirage Cat, 2.5 SVS, Nitrous
Bumblee CC, 90 Johnson
21 Advantage, 8.1 Procharger
20 Stingray, 350, Nickerson B&M Blower
21 Bryant, 8.1 Mag
27 Lavey Cat, Crockett 565 Whipple
24 Lavey, 710 Ilmor
2750 Lavey yet to come

I'm down to 2 skis, a fishing boat, the Lavey that is in process and the same wife for 41 years. Amazing. Quent

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Originally Posted by customryder View Post
21 sleek craft jet 1979
23 vip 1990
35 fountain 2001
38 hustler 1999
38 donzi zrc 2003
36 nor tech cat 2004
38 cigarette 2006
38 donzi zr 2007
37 active thunder 2009
I'm gonna stir it up here, but oh well. Having owned many diff manufactured boats, what was your all around favorite, as far as experience in general. Not the fastest, loudest, most comfortable, but rather, what delivered the best all around experience for an offshore boat? If you had to throw a dart at the list, which one would be the bullseye???
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Default Here's a link to the same topic from years ago
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Maybe some of this goes to Tanks thread the other day. Looks like a lot of us got our start on sailboats so we understand them more then they understand us.
Put your best foot forward!
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Blow up Canoe
16' Wooden with 15hp Scott Atwater
14 Row 25hp
13 Laguna
Tiger Shark
24 Sunsation
30 Scarab Excel
29 Sea Ray
37 Sea Ray
21 Monterey
40 Sea Ray
25 Trophy
Yamaha 1200r
44 Ocean
V-24 Ockie
30 AMT
38 Fountain
21 Trophy

and some I have forgotten
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