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New 430hp 502 Mercruiser out yet?

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Originally Posted by mpally View Post
So are they producing the 502 blocks again?
They never really stopped (even though they said they were) the 525 EFI is 502 based. Steve
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Originally Posted by TampaBeach View Post
I am just going to call it like I see it, this is an excuse for MERC to stick it to us again. Keep it up Merc and you are going to drive all of us to OUTBOARDS and no they won't be verado's.

Well, I'll call is like it is: Emissions regulations from our government FORCED catalysts on the marine industry. GM dropping the 496 for a supecharged 6.3 with lower torque, because our government is increasing CAFE standards for cars and trucks, FORCED Merc to make a choice. Merc has spend money engineering solutions to changes imposed on them. Both changes cost money in order to comply. Your elected officials are sticking it to us - not Merc. We all pay for these regulations. Sad part is that the marine industry is so relatively small in the world of commerce that none of these changes will improve the environment one iota.
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In California, we have emission controls on our lawnmowers and leaf blowers.
They were trying to come up with a way to put emission controls on cows, but so far they haven't.
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Originally Posted by LuauLounge View Post
They were trying to come up with a way to put emission controls on cows, but so far they haven't.
Maybe they can put the emission controls on some of your politicians.
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Originally Posted by Raylar View Post
For all those hoping for a bunch of mods for this new catalyst equipped engine with Mercury's new Motorola ECM, good luck!

Until someone gets there hands on the new Ecm's, spends a whole lot of money and time to possibly write successfull new complete engine programs, the ability to modify ,even with headers is out of the question and pretty much against the law!

I know some Merc sales types were running off at the mouth about CMI header upgrades and such, but if Merc is going to stay with emissions as required by the new 2010-2012 standards, those ideas are a long way off and just speculation and unfounded talk!
We have the programming capability on the PCM555's we just developed two years or so ago and it will be a while before I think anybody in the industry will take a crack at this new ECM, especially with Merc's new platform and proprietary technology.
These new 502 engines also have to have by law a three year emissions system warranty and that means no messing with them at all for three years or the warranty on a very expensive engine is out the window.

I believe these new engines are selling to the dealer and boat builder for about $23-$24K a piece so they are a big jump up from the 496's they replace, that were going about $14-16$K per engine. If you are in a state or area that allows the Merc HP525efi engine I think for the difference in price I would opt for the slightly higher price tag of the 525 over this 502 and stay away from this cat-emissions technology until its proven reliable and successful as I think Mercury will have their hands full with some bigger than life warranty issues on these new complicated emsissions systems and unproven equipment. Just a thought and two cents thrown in.

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Ray @ Raylar
I have been out of the industry for a couple years now, but the first thing that comes to mine is O2 simulators. Would something like that not work when changing the exhaust?
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