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No Howard Custom Boats?

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Originally Posted by The Nerd View Post
That's why I asked the question. With the new popularity of the Bullet series by Howard (25' and 28'), there have been more Howards sold the last 5 years than DCB, Hallet, Warlock, and possibly Advantage. Is Warlock even in business anymore??
Where did you get that information? Seems unlikely Howard outsold DCB's.....
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Being a LaveyCraft owner I feel your pain.

We get a little more play in the East and Midwest because Lavey had a successful racing program- apart from that, no one in the East knows them.

Ive always liked OSO and I stay here, but its an East Coast site no doubt, additionally if you are "really offshore" OSO doesnt really have a comprehensive electronics, or Nav section to speak of, leading me to believe most guys here run in good weather to local spots otherwise you'd see a few more radars than you do here.

Performanceboats has a Howard thread and is more West Coast centric.

Thehulltruth has a great electronics forum- but all the guys have center consoles and think 45 is fast.

I think youll find a great group of REALLY FUN guys here that pretty much like any cool boats, and Howard definitely builds a great ride and they have a rich amazing history - you should share it with them so they can appreciate it as well.

Request a Howard thread!

Uncle Dave
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I think a Howard forum/thread would be awsome and appropriate... they build fantastic boats. I believe that the Howard 28 Bullet is on record as the fastest production single engine v-hull around. (I think outerlimits is trying to de-throne them with their new 28)

If Nordic, Eliminator, DCB .. etc. have forums... and they are all West Coast builders... I think Howard should also.


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I've only ever seen one Howard here in MN. That was the one the mnhowardcat owned before he bought the American Beauty Top Gun.
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Originally Posted by Indy View Post
Simple...demand. This is more of an east coast and mid-west centric forum, while west coast boats are certainly discussed and owned by members, the lower production west coast boats don't get that much press here.
Hahaha, I always find that so amusing since this website was started by a west coast boater. Funny.

With that said, gene builds an outstanding boat that would impress most anyone that saw one up close. The fit, finish and attention to detail os awesome. Their 28 bullet is a sweet machine ad they are now building a 36 bullet so the answer that it's a lake boat doesn't really apply.

There def should be a Howard forum for it's owners. Or at very least a combined westcoast forum for the various westcoast boats that aren't in the forum area.

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Originally Posted by waterboy222 View Post
And being this is an offshore boating site, theres not a lot of discussion over 25' boats.. is a perfect venue for learning about howards.
YoooHooooooo, little history lesson might be in order here. The Don, Brownie, Richie Powers et al raced TRUE OFFSHORE in sub 25 foot boats long before there were 35 foot plus pleasure boats running around everywhere. Lest we forget our roots.
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