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and the Bimini winner is

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Originally Posted by Bigyellowcat View Post
There was only a couple seconds between each boat at start. So pretty much an even start considering how far we went.. We were in freedom, we were in the lead for the first 3/4 of way to Bimini, then jbs passed us then right before turn bouy statement turbine 50' cat passed us beat us to turn bouy by few seconds. We turn the bouy in Bimini and made it back toward Miami 4 miles then passed the Mercedes running towards Bimini still. So at that point we were around 6-8 miles in lead for piston boats.. We make it about ten miles to the finish and break a prop. Stop and access situation.. Run on one engine idling back for little bit. Then we put it in low gear so we could get it on plane then decide to start other engine and try to run the last ten miles at around 40 - 50 mph. Boat is shaking apart and we for ten minuites we are seeing rooster tails getting closer and closer. And were hopeing we make it across the finish line before they catch us or the drive breaks off. We cross the finish line then three or for min later Mercedes mti crosses finish.. That last 10 min at 40 mph was the most stressful of the whole run..
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We had a nice run, stressful but nice. Our GPS turned off 3 minutes into the run. Going to Bimini wasn't too bad, we started 2nd to last so we had a lot to boats to follow. The ride back we did a lot of zig zaging and yelling back and fourth. We followed a pelican for a while but he was off coure also!

It got really bumpy on the way back. I would have gladly traded 500 HP for 5 foot of hull length!!!

We had my wife follow us in a Jet Ranger with Bruno with the video camera. I can't wait to see and post this one!

What a great turn out!! Larry, Brad and everyone else did a kick a$$ job! Pulling into the pits was like pulling into the Worlds in Key West years ago. One of the best race turn outs I have been involved in.

Larrys dad passed away 2 weeks ago and even with Larry having to stop to be with his Dad and family' He still pulled off a beautiful event. We dedicated the weekend to his dad. He would have been proud to see the job they did with this event in only it's 3rd year!
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Thanks for posting Gino, can't wait to see your wife's video.
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Originally Posted by Ron P View Post
Statement turbine cat in second
Great job to Nick and Todd and the rest of the Statement crew
for building and dialing in such a bad azz cat.What is the 4 runs for that boat and came in 2nd in the Bimini Challenge.
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Originally Posted by Wild View Post
Sitting at the pool bar watching, good stuff
Which pool bar? I was at the Tiki Bar on the Beach.
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Default JBS bimini tour

JBS started last and finished first! With no A/C from the start I knew it was going to be a long race.the first 5-10 miles were great and after that it was brutally rough the whole way there and back.The GPS puked out when we got to bimini so we took a little tour of the Bahamas while we were there trying to find the turn buoy.Happy to be back alive-only a few bruises and steering wheel marks on my helmet.Our time was roughly 51 minutes and change.We will have to return again to crush the record next year!
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Congrats to JBS ,Statement, and Freedom 1 and every one who finished in one piece.
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Sounds like it was a little rough this year.
Size does matter

Glad to see everyone made it back.

Congrats to JBS. Great job Statement looks like ya got her dialed in. Way to Go Team Freedom.
Thanks for the play by play Bigyellowcat
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i uploaded the video from the front deck looking back but youtube says video too long.. will work on this tonight
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Originally Posted by Ron P View Post
Jim lee. Freedom first gas boat
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