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Storage shop/building questions

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Question Boat shop/building questions

Putting up a 40'x100' pole building at our new property to store our toys and have some questions. What size/dimensions did you guys build yours? I'm planning on buying a 30'-40' tunnel hull in the upcoming future and need to know how big to make the door. Also, what style door do you have? Anyone use a door thats similar to an airplane hangar door?

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My toy is 48x105x14. Its a Morton building. I have a 12x12 door in the front on the 48 side. It is fully finish on the inside with 6 inches insulation in the walls and 24" in the ceiling. I have heat in the floor and also a trench drain running 60' in the center, with the pitch of the floor at about 1/4 per foot. The floor with drain completely without any squigging.(Spelling)
It holds my 38 footer, the race car, two show cars the gator and two John deere tractors. I still have plenty of room to hold all my other toys from home. I might suggest that you look at garage this is a site about building toy boxes such as you want. There is all kind of guys building pole garages and other ones for their toys. I spend as much time there as I as do here on OSO.
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spray foam
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i just got done building a 60 x 60 steel building. Doors are all 14' high which will allow for any motorhome, boat or race hauler.

On one side I have an 18, a 12 and an 18 wide doors, another 12 wide opposite the front 12 wide for drive through.

I dont have any pics on this machine, will post on monday.

edit, found these two from when I was doing the conduit and lights
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Storage shop/building questions-p1020613a.jpg   Storage shop/building questions-p1020609a.jpg  

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I am building a 42x18x12 right now just to hold my 31 sonic... I am using a 14x10 door. It is a short term building. Will build another larger one once we move to our next home in a few years. Would make a great shop for future shopper
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Mine is 204 X 36 and I have (2) 12 x 12's in front and (2) 10 X 10's in the back. All my doors are 3" thick with a 25.8 R rating. I heat and A/C the building 24/7.
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food for thought- typical RV is close to semi-truck in height, so make the doors atleast 14' tall. and have interior height of 16' min.

next wouldbe door width. if your thinking of buying a big cat then make sure the doors are wide enough. I've got 14' x 14' doors and its perfect for getting a 388 skater in. my problem is that the building is only 40' deep.

my problem was that I owned a 28 skater when i built it and never thought i was going to have a 40' toter or have to work on a 388 skater. And i built the garage lenght wise with the doors on the 60' run. the building is 40 deep x 60 long. even my 32 cat on its trailer sticks out about 2' which means i can't shut the garage door completely.

luckly for me, we put up a 40 x 80 for my neighbor for his Z3 bmw and I can store stuff in there. his doors are on the end and the building is 80' deep. the only draw back with his is the doors are 12' x 14 ' high. which would make it tight for a cat thats 11' wide. lucky its on a tilt trailer.

the only draw back in work space.

I'd go to 100 x 60, next look into SIPS - insulated panels for the skin and roof. I've seen both plywood sips and aluminum pre-painted sips for commercail use. the spray foam works but looks like crap on the inside. roll up commercail doors only. the air plane hanger door does not seal good unless you spend alot on a high-end track setup.

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Here is info on my building:

30' x 60' w/ 12' truss inside height
2 - 12' wide x 10' tall doors
Call and talk to Tom before you do anything. Mine was built start to finish in 4 days by 4 guys by hand (not including site work). The price was very reasonable. The current sale/price on their website is (infuriatingly) cheaper than what I paid.
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I've spent a lot of my life in and around aircraft hangars, so when it comes to buildings for my own personal use, I tend to lean towards steel with free-span trussing rather than poles.
I put up a 30x40 Miracle Steel building 20 years ago at our property here; that company was purchased by another a couple of years ago, and we are putting up a 40x60 at our property up north. 14' eaves and doors here and up north with insulated CHI doors. The slabs are insulated and heated by solar or wood boiler. I did over a year of research on steel buildings prior to going this route- they are the easiest to put up, the easiest to insulate and add doors/windows to, and have the highest wind loading. The only few private hangars left standing at the Homestead airport after Hurricane Andrew were Miracle hangars. They are worth every single penny.
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Thanks for all the responses guys The doors will be on the 40' side of the 40'x100' where it will butt into the driveway. Unfortunately, that's the biggest size that the county will allow me to put up due to the size of the lot (in the city but unincorporated). Thinking 14' walls with a 14'x14' manual door and a single standard garage door with an electric opener. It will have a small bathroom in it with a shower due to the inground pool being on the left side of it so people don't have to run in and outta the house while wet.

I'm tearing down an all brick three car detached garage to put this up and will be saving the brick to veneer the front of the building to match the house.

Don't know whether to go 4" or 6" on the floor though. Don't really plan to have anything real heavy inside of it. Thoughts?

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