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need answers to "how much does your boat cost?" >

need answers to "how much does your boat cost?"


need answers to "how much does your boat cost?"

Old 05-02-2002, 10:35 AM
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I've had people make the drug dealer comment. I tell them that I just make drugs. Then I give them my business card (Pharmaceutical Company).
BTW, If a cop ever pulls you over, and in the course of speaking with him, he asks you what you do for a living. DO NOT answer "I make drugs". They don't have a sense of humor, but they do have enough spare time to search your car.
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almost as much as my 3/4 mental disability pension from the post office. any other questions!

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I usually exaggerate and really shock their ass!
Elvis was a boater too
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Uncle Toys
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Elimi – I am glad you brought this up. This has been the biggest surprise of owning a powerboat. The first time it happened it totally caught me off guard. I shrugged it off thinking it was a one off deal, but then it keeps happening. Got to admit, I haven’t handled it well.

Sorry I don’t have any suggestions for you, but a couple of suggestions above are pretty good. I think I’ll try NASTY HABIT’s “more that I care to admit.” If that doesn’t work, I’ll move on to Baja Daze’s, “Well, how much do you make a year?” Although I like, and will probably use with personal friends, wilerty’s idea about, “it costs less than one very nice vacation a year,” but I get to use it all year.

The funny thing is, my Dads the worst. He really wants to know, but I am embarrassed to admit to him how much I spend on the boat. He’s a depression era kid, and lived his entire life worrying about the next one. Thinks I should be socking away more money for a rainy day. Any ideas on how to handle him?
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Originally posted by Uncle Toys
Any ideas on how to handle him?
Take him for a ride and tell him to quit worryin' and start livin'

That's what I always say!
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Old 05-02-2002, 11:42 AM
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This is always a hard question to answer, but most people have no problem asking it. For me it's bad when people that I work with say something along the lines of "Wow that is a nice boat, what's it cost, around $15k or so??"

I try to avoid giving a direct answer and say somethng vague like "a little bit more than that" and most people get the hint. I like some of the other suggestions and will give them a try.......
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Old 05-02-2002, 11:50 AM
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Red face Gee, no one ever asks me that!

I guess that means it's time to trade the old boat in for a new one!

NOT!! - We're expecting our first soon, so I guess I'll just be another envious bystander! Oh well, old boats are fun too - when I'm not working on it!
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Default I love this question!!!!!!!!!

Depending on the situation, I have several answers to this question......

1) Less than my last divorce cost me

2) Let me put it this way. I will be making payments on this boat for a few years longer than I will be paying child support... (My daughter is six, I use this one for when I have her with me and the people asking have kids)

3) Alot less than my therapist used too

4) I don't know yet. Get back with me when I have sold it and can add it all up

5) More than some of my friends boats cost... and less than some others.....

6) Who cares what it costs......I love it.........
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I use "more than I paid for my house, but I have an old house" After that they do not know what to think about it. I do like the "how much money do you make?"

You bring up a good point. My dad is about the same but he is afraid to ask me for what I would tell him. I guess I could say about 5 times what he paid for his house. I remember when I was just out of high school I asked a guy at work what he paid for the new jeep he had just gotten. I think he told me about $4000.00. I told him I could not see why he spent that much money for that jeep. He said that the price you pay is what it is worth to you. To him that was a fair price. He then turned it around on me & asked what I paid for my boat.

I degress, back to the dad problem. I would tell him $ & along with that I would say that you feel this is a good way for the family to be together. When wife & I take off for lake & our 20 year old son & his friends are amost always with us. He gets upset when we go to lake & don't tell him. Aaaahhh, tables are turning.
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Default Re: need answers to "how much does your boat cost?"

Originally posted by elimi
she blurts out in front of about 20 people "you guys must be drug dealers cuz' that the only kind of people who can afford something like this"
At this point, you say "what's it to you" "Do you need some or something"?? usually followed be a gasp and astounded stare, then you follow up with "then get out of here before I stab you in the face with an ice pick"

Works every time!! LOL!!! Just kidding!! I think we all get it, but what do you do, take the good with the bad?
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Quick Reply: need answers to "how much does your boat cost?"

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