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What is the right thing to do?

Old 05-02-2002, 08:01 PM
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Oh boy ,you did it now ! YOu have no choice ! You will never live it down on the board if you don't do the right thing . If that guy did get a trailer and find the money it's got to be his . I hope he is telling you the truth though . I did a deal like that once .The guy said he wanted it for sure ,the price was right but I had to meet him half way and he would then pay me to deliver it because he had no truck . When I got there he was 25% short on the cash and no exttras to pay for trucking !! I told him to stick it ! He had the nerve to run after me begging me to take his money and deliver it for free ! THat was a waste if time ........

Good luck
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Do the right thing and follow thru on the first deal. If it falls through the second party may still be interested. Either way you'd be doing the right thing.
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Ask an Attorney...... He'll create a way that the "right thing" becomes a "topic for negotiation". He will then offer dozens of examples pro and con. Next , he will negotiate with all the parties and take you out of the process. Finally he will charge you all the money you make, regardless of who you sell it to.

Ain't life in America grand?

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You have to sell it to the first guy, or at least admit to him what your dilemna is, and see if he may chuck in a few bucks.

On the other hand, it is a PWC, and I would get that thing out of my sight as soon as I could if I was now a powerboater!
(A little exaggeration, but I really like my 26' better than any of my old skiis.)
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You made a deal with the first guy, You called him & he said he wanted it. If he is seriious he will send you a deposit ( he already got all the money together) If he does not get you the deposit means he is not serious & HE wants to give you the run around. You are worred about doing the right thing, is he?

T2X- "Ask an Attorney......" I take it you have first hand knowledge.

blue thunder- I have had people do that to me & I tell them to take a hike. Most time a better deal comes along then the first deal.
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Fountain525sc - You don't need an attorney. Treat the other guy the way you would want to be treated if the roles were reversed - regardless of dollar value.
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I would hold to the deal I made. I have always felt that when I tell somebody something, they can take it to the bank.

On the other hand, a few months ago, I had two jet skis on ebay, and I had plainly stated "as is where is". Then this jackass in Md wins the auction. I contact him, and he wants me to ship them to him. I told him if he could arange the shipping, it was ok with me. But I knew the shipping would cost him more than the jet skis. I emailed and called him several times, and his wife always told me he wasn't there. Now the ad is over, I still have the skis, and I have to fight with ebay not to charge the final fee.

Two jet skis and trailer still for sale
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Do the right thing. You'll feel alot better about it when you think about it later.

That's what you'd expect if the roles were reversed. Wouldn't you???
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Its better to sleep at knight soundly knowing you did the right thing. Do the right thing sell it to the first guy. Do as you'd do to others, as they would to you.
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I agree with do the right thing but I have sold too many things and had deals fall through. Now I feel that nothing is sold untill it is paid in full. Deposits are useless because you can't keep them. I sold my Yamaha Virago a month ago to a guy 400 miles away. I held it for him because I trusted him. He fedexed a check and picked it up two weeks later. I was really scared because I had several offers while waiting for his check. I guess I did the right thing, but you can't count on everyone else doing it.
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