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Unhappy Today show

well it happened I. feel sad about the lose of life. there was a 4x4 race out in cal over the weekend 8 people killed. today show had a looser on there show just about saying its the drivers fault. these people build up jumps on the coarse that aren't there before the race or holes they dig that the drivers don't know about, plus they stand right on the coarse when the trucks run 70 to 100 plus. so this moron says when the trucks see a lot of people they should slow down to 40 or 50 mph. well if your stupid enough to stand and mess with the jumps or holes on the coarse its your fault not the driver. and you can't put guardrail up for 200 to 500 miles. its common sense to stand away far enough so you have a chance to move out of the way. and this guy goes on to say before the race HE JUMPED THAT SAME JUMP 6 TIMES AND HE COULD ONLY GO 50MPH, but it wasn't a 200 grand race pick up he was driving rither it must of been chit box that he was in. this is why I hate the news instead of having a pro driver explaining what happens they go to informed smucks, also they said the land was privately owned and had a posted speed limit of 15mph. hugh law suit coming up and it was there own fault sad to say. around here we had mud ice and sand drags which is short and you can keep people back. but out west people need to use common sense in these big offroad races, I hope it doesn't kill the sport for US races . I think both BAJA 500 and 1000 start in mexico so there safe. I feel real bad for the driver he was young in his twenties I think its going to be hard for him. well for the lost souls may they rest in peace, I wish they were smart enough to stand back not try to see if they can slap a fender with there hands which happens a lot at these races. and I wish the news would go to the pros and not some moron that ran his stock truck over the jump earlier that day and he broke the law he said he was going 50 plus and its posted for 15mph. that 15mph rule was for morons like him not the races thee end.
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I have to agree! I read the story yesterday..very sad for the loss of life but they should have used common sense!
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Well, yes it's sad, but the blame game here is just ridiculous. Just like those yahoos that stand on the road shoulders during rally racing across seas. It should be pretty damn evident that you're standing in a hazardous environment. I mean come on, they're expecting these race trucks to come flying past them at considerable speeds, it should be obvious that there's a damn good possibility that you might get hit!!! It's unfortunate, but you can't place any blame on the driver here.
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It was reported that the driver had to escape the scene because people started attacking him and throwing rocks at him.
WTF ???
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