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Mini Hawk is GONE!!

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hope you got insurance
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That sucks kid, i am so sorry to hear this. Hopefully you will be able to locate it quickly, its very unique and should be easy to spot.
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Sorry to hear.
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Sorry to read this ... I know you put alot of time and money into your boat and you should be proud of your accomplishment.I had some tuff lessons growing up ... yes it sucked at the time but it made me a stronger person.
Good luck ... I hope you find her floating and undamaged.

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That sucks, hopefully it will be easy to find, it is a unique boat. Good luck!
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I have to believe that is has to do with that jerk-off from a few weeks ago. WTF?!
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Sorry to hear that... Lake George... their cannot be that many scumbags there, look around.

Check for someone with a smaller boat that wanted to move up...
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Wow, hate to hear this....Hope it turns out ok.
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Originally Posted by Jupiter Sunsation View Post
What is with the "clearly cut dock lines," why not just untie them?

That makes the entire story suspect to me.

I have a chitload of friends that can't TIE a line to save their life, but they ALL can untie one....

Based on your track record with other forums, I honestly hope this is not some ploy for attention. I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, and truly hope you can find the boat, assuming it's not trashed.

You'd have to be one sorry piece of chit, to take a kids boat over an argument concerning a no wake zone. Pick your battles going forward, just in case.
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