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Unbiased opinions needed on engine build..

Old 09-22-2010, 02:29 AM
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those 30 lb injectors could only support at best 475 hp and thats if you turn the fuel pressure up to 80 psi, assuming .55 bsfc and 80% duty cycle, Smitty
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Originally Posted by HaxbySpeed View Post
Thanks everyone. This thread was more for the builder then the customer. When it first came in I told him the same things everyone else here has said. They asked me just to get it running, and I told them to take it away. I'm not interested in having my name attached to this disastor. The best thing to do would be to put it back together stock NA, sell it off and start with a 502. The problem is the owner has spent enough money now to build two engines and missed the entire season. He seems to be a really nice guy who has been completely screwed over and I want to help him out. As an added bonus they also covered his boat and interior in grease, chipped the gel, and tore a seat..
Almost sounds like my 1st experience....took me 2 years to get my boat right! My guy was well informed about the procharger....but ended up blowing his 1st attempt with mine(1st motor he ever lost and came with high recommendations).

I went to him after being screwed by the SeaRay Stealership(can't prove but sure they ran it with no water hooked up)....lost compression in 1 cylinder and their new impeller in the alpha drive was so fried it melted the housing! I only put an hour or so on the boat. mind starts ticking....why not add some horses. I wanted a reliable,turn key 600 horses. A procharger seemed to be a great option(I did this when the whipples were just starting to catch on).

He had the machineshop/builder he new use some computer to map out a build. Somewhere between the 2 of them there was a major miscommunication. I will never forget the 1st time I heard the engine run....Holy Crap! Every cylinder firing was like a stick of dynamite.

Talking with 1 of the helpers I made the comment about how hard it was hitting for an engine with around 8-1 compression. LOL...he looked at me and said this motor has way more than's got pop=ups in it!

Well we proceed to take the boat out for a lake test. Pops on plane like a wild bangee but won't turn over 3000 RPM's. My guy felt sure it should spin the prop on it but decides to try a smaller pitch prop. Well...the 1st time it went over 3000 it was all she wrote...valves were hitting the pistons. After a little he said she said between my guy and the other shop my guy ate the whole thing. Block,heads,almost everything. My sacrifice was over a year of lost boating.

I have been told with the kindda compression and a 7lb pulley on my Procharger it would probably have been pushing the 1000HP range if it would have stayed together. Yikes!
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Eddie and fkboatman said it best. IMO, this guy is already angry, bitter, and confused. Plus your putting yourself in the middle of a battle and possible legal action. I reccomend you pass on this one. Definately not worth it!!!
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Old 09-22-2010, 09:30 AM
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Was the engine dyno'd before delivery?
If so, was it dialed in at this time?

edit... sorry, didn't read the whole thread.
Getting in the middle of this is only asking for trouble.
Hard enough dealing w/ your own customers/builds.

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Default mess

well it,s me the owner of the fu..k up first i would like to say i have been devoiced that was costley this is cheep .
i,m not into sueing. you live and that is that i,m sure alex is the man he has been no from the get go . just remember guys if you need more hp just strap you x wife to your boat and tell here she is done whith anymore money she will kick here legs so hard you will hit 80k no problem .
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Wow what a cluster. The cyl. heads and valvetrain are the worst I've ever seen. No way this would hold up.
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