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Has anyone ran over a Pwc? >

Has anyone ran over a Pwc?


Has anyone ran over a Pwc?

Old 05-09-2002, 07:32 PM
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If only 98% of them had any brains or common sense. (Yes I think 2% of them actually know what they are doing), unfortunately we all have to look out for the other 98%. Where I boat (AC,NJ to Cape May NJ), there seems to be thousands of them, especially on the ICW, when the Atlantic gets over five feet, we get forced to "come inside" and have to put up with these idiots. I have not hit one yet, but one has "washed me down" while I was "obeying the law" @6mph, I did catch him a few miles later down the river and scared the @#$% out of him.
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Old 05-09-2002, 07:51 PM
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I think I did once - but not sure...
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Old 05-09-2002, 07:57 PM
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Had a close call once, but nothing too severe. Did see what remained of a jet skit that go run over. Not much other than a engine and a pump left.
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Old 05-09-2002, 09:32 PM
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Not yet!
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I used to get pissed when they would follow close behind me to jump my wake but now i've found a way to add some enjoyment into this. When I'm in my jet boat I wait until they are just about to jump my wake and shove the jetovator to full up position and floor it. Its great ! When the water clears all you can see is the PWC going around in a circle and the rider swimming towards it trying to figure out what the hell just happened. They don't try that any more ! It's hilarious !

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I had a near miss and it cost my buddy his beer and a couple of bruises! I should have ran the @!##@$ over, but reason took hold.

The PWC up and decides to bang a 90 to jump the wake of a Baja I was 100 yards behind in the channel doing 60!

He never even saw me or knew I was there, kid on the back and all, just up and turned.

I killed the throttles and dumped my buddy on his head halfway into the undercabin.

2 weekends later I had one ask me for a tow 20 yrds from the ramp. I told him to swim!
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Old 05-09-2002, 10:54 PM
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I own three of the little boogers. Love 'em.

In '91 me and a friend collided after playing in circles spraying each other. I spun my ski in front of my buddy and was a bit closer than I had been the other times. It panicked him and he let off his throttle. No steering. His ski ran over the front of mine. Some cracked fiberglass, but no injuries. We never got that close again. This was on 35mph Yamahas.

My brotherinlaw bought a 50mph Kawasaki and invited all of his friends over to ride it (and mine - I had no idea about his party). He gave no instruction whatsoever. He just pointed to the skis and turned them all loose. One of his friends and his wife were riding one of my yamahas and the wife on the Kawasaki. She ended up aimed at him at some point. Off the throttle. Pow. Broken ribs, collarbone, concussion, loss of consciousness, ambulance, police.

By then it was 1992. Since that time, I have never allowed anybody to ride any of my pwcs without a "lesson".

Granted, I do all of the stuff that pwcs are good at: wake jumping, spinning, spraying, s-curves. BUT I am always aware of where all other boats, buoys, other pwcs are around me. I never veer from a straight path without a thorough "head-check" behind me on both sides. I am teaching my kids to do the same. I currently only let my boy ride the slow one while I am, with him on the other. Technically, he is still a year too young to be by himself, but we only let him ride solo in the early mornings WITH ME when there is no boat traffic. Any other time he rides on the 1200 with me. Yes, he usually drives it (which is legal in TN with me on the back) but I constantly correct him when he forgets to turn and look, gets too close to a boat or dock, etc..

We have lots of stupid kids riding them on the lake and I try to take note of the worst ones and hunt them down when I am on my ski. They usually will stop and let you talk to them and are usually receptive to well-worded criticism as long as they don't have a girlfriend with them.

These little boats are a royal blast and it is a shame that people refuse to treat them with respect, and refuse to show respect to other boaters when they are on them.

I don't fish much. I run my 20,000# diesel express cruiser down the lake rolling big wakes. I think it is stupid for somebody to anchor in the main channel and fish. I think they should know better than to expect to have calm conditions if they are sitting there. IT sometimes aggravates me to see themn anchored there. I want to blast by and watch them capsize. What I do, though, is I slow down to a moderate wake whenever I will be passing near these guys. It's just part of what you have to do when you share the waters.

When I blast down the lake at 70 or so, I get hacked off at the prissy sailboats lumbering around in circles. I could rip straight down the middle of them as long as I don't get dangerously close. What I do, though, is bear to one shoreline and if it is populated, I will slow to a less imtimidating speed. It's just part of what you have to do when you share the waters.

When I see a pack of jetskis, I always figure that they are blind and will turn and run into me. While they should use some sense, it just ain't gonna happen overnight. The waters are full of idiots. All you gotta do is sit at the boatramp and witness scads of guys who have no business at the helm of a boat.

Fishermen deserve the right to fish in the waters. Cruisers deserve the right to cruise in the waters. Go-fasts deserve the right to go fast in the waters. Jetskiers deserve the right to ski in the waters. Divers deserve the right to dive in the waters.

I feel that these are and should always be RIGHTS, and not privileges. If we are not careful, though, they will indeed become privileges and will then be restricted more and more until these rights/privileges are finally taken away.

No different than on our roadways, except that enforcement is lacking sorely in the waters. Every jetskier needs to get superficial injuries and significant fiberglass damage from a close call from doing something stupid. I think it would make them all better and more polite riders.

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Default Finally some sense

Well put.. mcollinstn! Allways expect them to pull a "Crazy Ivan" and you'll never be disappointed. Hey people.. what you guys are saying about Jet ski's Someone is writing about us on some sailboat site.

Chill out .. you know that saying "if it's too loud your too old".....You guys need to step back and imagine what we look like screamin' around in 120db speed machines like we own the world. Also, think about the destination points for most "offshore boats...Bars. I seen more than one drunk Jackass get into a 1000hp machine and go tearing down the intercoastal (might have done it myself, in the past) Were all out here to have fun!

Now...with that said.. there are always going to be riders and boaters that could use a little more sense..Have a little patience and remember that kid most likely looks at your machine and says "I'm gonna get one of those someday". I know I did.


Oh yeah.. My jetski does 69mph on gps. Wanna race!
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A friend of mine had a 18' tunnel and was running on Lake Havasu one afternoon. He saw a waverunner coming toward him w/2 people onboard, and knew the driver was not paying attention. He backed off and came almost to a complete stop -- but the PWC driver never looked up and slammed right into his side.

It destroyed his deck and both riders ended up landing on him., bruising them all.

To his surprise, the riders were two young girls: ages 13 and 8 --- the 8 year old was driving!!!

Their dad suggested to my friend that they not tell the police - that he'd cover the repairs -- but my friend was not going to go for that. The water patrol showed up.......and the dad told him the accident was the fault of the BOAT driver! My friend was given a FINE!!

It ended up going to court, all the while the dad and the girls were telling a totally fabricated story about the accident, and claiming the 13 year old was in control.

But in the end, my friend won -- acting as his own lawyer he stumped the girls while they were under oath -- he asked the 8 year old "which arm" she had the kill switch tether on, and she replied her "Right, no no..LEFT!" ....proving that SHE was indeed the illegal operator of the PWC.
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Quick Reply: Has anyone ran over a Pwc?

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