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Baja Boats

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Default Baja Boats

How do you offshore guys feel about the Baja Boats ....looking at Bajas ...SST and Outlaw and have heard through the grapevine that the boat is of low quaility ???Any thoughts ???
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Originally Posted by Mopwr View Post
How do you offshore guys feel about the Baja Boats ....looking at Bajas ...SST and Outlaw and have heard through the grapevine that the boat is of low quaility ???Any thoughts ???
I think the people who never owned one like to bash them, but the people who have owned them pretty much say they are good boats for what you pay for. They are not custom so you will see a lot of the same looking ones around. I like to think of them as the Mustang of boats. Not going to be the fastest, best performing, most options, etc but for how much you are spending compared to the other guys its a nice package.
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Someone get the
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Default Baja Boats

Ive owned 4 Outlaws over the Years and they are great Boats for the Money and have a good resale.I call them a poor mans Cigarette!!If you get an Outlaw series you should be more than happy with it.Good luck in what ever you decide to buy.Hank 36
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I have had 3. Alot of boat for the $$$$.

not the fastest ,,,,but ride is great and the room is unequaled
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I think they are great boats for the money, and yes, they have a lot of room.
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I think with any boat you have to consider the target audience, how much you're paying and what you can logically expect. I have lots of friends who have owned or currently own Baja products. In my humble opinion, if you consider the price point, they're a pretty good product.

Sure, they won't take a pounding like a Skater or Cigarette or most other top tier boats, but then again, you didn't pay nearly as much money for one. From a styling standpoint, they really made a nice looking boat for about the last 10-15 years. (I really thought the earlier ones were kind of ugly.)

If you're looking at all out speed, again, they come up a bit short, but they seem to more than make up for this with a very nice ride.

I might be wrong, but I really think some of the best Bajas were built at the Fountain factory in North Carolina. Reggie does know a thing or two about construction and I think it benefitted the line - before everything went south.

One caution I'd have about buying a used one though would be to check it out carefully. Some folks expect Skater levels of construction, and beat up on them accordingly. As you might guess, they don't hold up well under abuse. ust my 2 cents.
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We have had about 6 of them in our family. Everyone loved them and had no major problems.
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I too have had a number of Baja's (5), and will flat out say, they are not the "best boat" made, however they are the best value for the money.

Performance is respectable, quality is good, and styling is great.

But without a doubt the best part of owning a Baja is the people you will meet and become friends with. I think your market is more of the Corvette people, not Mustang (but then again I am a Chevy guy). As in Corvettes, it has a good following, basically everywhere you go people notice them and is always a great conversation starter.

The "old" Baja company did a great job of making the boat a stepping stone type boat, ie: start with a Hammer and everytime you get 3 foot-itis they had a model for you to step into. I know this was the plan we followed. This inturn gave a very loyal customer.

When Fountain purchased the company just before the down turn in the market, I personally feel that is where Fountain missed the boat, he didn't know his buyers market. Now....

As I stated in the first paragraph, are they the best boats ever made? No, but they are a great value. Good luck in your looking.
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Nothing wrong with a baja.. especially the older ones.. they were made alot better than the newer ones .. they arent the fastest but they give you a very secure and stable ride..and with the right power they run respectabl speed.
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