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Spy Pics---Check out the new 39 Kryptonite!

Old 09-06-2003, 04:28 PM
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Default Stepped Bottoms are not needed to spin!

Guys, just because a boat has steps does not make it dangerous. Non Stepped hulls will spin too!. I know I have done it.

Steps add airation reduce drag, which means less adhesion. less adhesion will mean an increased tendency to break loose.

I resurfaced this thread because I thought this was an awesome looking boat, and a very "interesting" bottom design.

Hell, a lot of us laughhed when the "bat boat" design first came out and then watched those things fly.

I would love to retire and get into the boat building business. But the economy is tough right now.
This is one hull I thought had some possiblities and Kryptonite does not seem to be promoting it rather staying with their Factory 1 hull.

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maybe there is a reason there is no promotyion on the hull.
I personally like the small K and would love to see a big brother edition become available
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Old 09-06-2003, 11:28 PM
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Default Re: Let me be a bit naive....

Originally posted by JROMY
The boat looks great to me and the bottom interesting....however, in this day and age of AutoCadd and engineering...let me ask a really dumb ( or maybe not) question. Aren't all these designs able to be modeled and tested "in theory" electronically before they are built, which results in these radical designs? There is no way that a couple guys sit around, drink a few beers, and say "hey bob, why don't we throw a step here and a whooziwhatit there and build a severaly hundred thousand dollar boat"? Right??? Just curious. Again, my background is in aviation and there are certainly common aircraft out there with some funky looking packages that certainly upgrade the aerodynamics for greater speed, range, economy, etc. - that all work well and...were all computer designed. I guess one of the biggest factors that makes me ask this is the way old molds are so valuable and continue to pass from hand to hand. I mean, honestly, as great (and classic) as say, a 41 Apache mold is - why wouldn't someone just start from scratch rather than buy an old mold???

Again .....I ask the questions....
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Old 09-07-2003, 01:39 PM
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I think what it is, is that most boat builders DO NOT have the money, the facilities, hydrodynamic engineers, naval architects, tank-testing, wind tunnels, etc.

Take a look at t2x's v-hull history. Mostly pops, stretches, and dams. These guys are not graduates of the Webb Institute, or M.I.T.

When a manufacturer sees that a step or steps is proving to be effective (either racing or marketing), they include it in their design, and see if it works.

At least in v-hulls, there haven't been a hell of a lot of technolgical marvels. Mainly in layup, and materials.

A step here, a notch there, it isn't brain surgery.

That's just my take on it.
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Old 09-08-2003, 06:04 PM
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Thanks rouxsterre - I've always been curious with the way the stepped hulls have come (and some have gone) - It just seemed like the technology is there to perfect the designs. I do suppose it is a lot easier to justify spending millions on design and computer modeling of aircraft that sell hundreds a year for millions of dollars than a $500,000.00 boat that you may only sell a few of a year.
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"Take a look at t2x's v-hull history. Mostly pops, stretches, and dams. These guys are not graduates of the Webb Institute, or M.I.T. "

He my brother went to WEBB not too many people know about that place.

Truth be told I know alot of people in the performance boat business and can tell you that I DONOTknow or have ever heard of and performance boat in a wind tunnel or test tank. I honestly don't think it works on these types of hulls. There are too many real world variables working against each other to to justify that knid of money or time. Most of today's hull designs V's and cats are just facsimilies of other boats. not too many drastic changes. I just spoke with a well know builder who took a mid 30 foot boat and changed the bottom from 2 to 5 steps, you know what he said NO DIFFERENCE. Another build has been heard saying he put's all the steps in the bottom because thats what people want. The public thins the more steps the better. In the 80's there were some single step boats, well that didn't work out. Two steps seem to be the ticket don't try to reinvent the wheel. I know anothe company that builds incredibly fast ans stable OB V fishboats. He never even drew the boat on paper. They just built the plug out of wood, made a mold, and built the boats. To this day the bottom has not been changed an IT IS the fastest boat of its type.

my $.02
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Tell us which manufacturer makes the fast fishing boat.

I heard Alcone wind tunnel tested his 45 Skater. I don't know if it was a model or full scale.

The UAE victory team tests aero with strings attached to the boat etc.

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Thumbs up great job Kirk

The 39 Kryptonite is bad ass! Most of you guy's have no idea how much work , time and money goes into a project like this. I once had dreams of building boats for a LIVING. I lost that thought years ago. People like Kirk , Will Smith and Mark @ Activator are my heroes! Keep up the great " Custom " boats guy's and one day maybe I can build a 38ft boat. BH

PS. If any of you have dreams of building boats, I would suggest taking a grinder and using it for 40 hours a week. You'll soon change your mind as you lay in bed itching.
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Default For Sale

I see Bill has the 39 for sale in the Misc V section of the classifieds...

just an fyi...
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Old 09-09-2003, 01:52 PM
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Baja did do wind tunnel testing on their new boat. they were looking to decrease wind drag and increase speed. I believe the article was in PB magazine..
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