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post your fuel usage

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Default post your fuel usage

curious what different combos get ,, say in a day taking into account idling, going fast, etc.
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My last boat, 24 Superboat w/496HO averaged 12 GPH. I was getting 4-5 MPG in that boat. I could cruise at 55 MPH at 3500 RPMs.
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WOT I'm at 180GPH, basically 1 gallon every 20 second...

The rest of the time I am not sure we fill it to the brim every chance we find good fuel...
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Best I've ever done is 16.7gph, slow cruise with the kids. Around 70gph wot. Twin 496ho's in a 38' sonic.

You make my boat look like a Prius GLH !
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My Yanmar powered Nor Tech at a cruising speed of 66 mph uses 22 GPH in each of three engines for a total of 66 GPH which of coarse is 1 MPG. My previous 50 NT with 3 X 850 HP gas engines used exactly double that and got .5 MPG at a slightly higher cruising speed.
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525SC's in a 2000 Donzi ZX- 1.12 mpg
454 Mags in an 89 Scarab III- 1.38 mpg
260's in my old Chris Scorpion- 1.41 mpg

I constantly track fuel on everything I have using gps distance verse fuel burned over the entire season. The old Scorp with small blocks I use to have could really suck the fuel for what it was but that was mostly due to the fact you had to be deep into the secondaries to run with anyone. I started doing this years ago mostly because I don't really trust fuel gauges, as a rule of thumb I figure 1mpg and that gives me a bit of a safety net.
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525 EFI
42 GPH at WOT(70-73 MPH) - MPG = 1.7ish
30 GPH at 4200 RPM(55 MPH - MPG = 1.8ish
21 GPH at 3500 RPM(42 MPH = MPG = 2
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roughly 40 GPH @ 3600-3700 rpms = 60-63 mph.

WOT I never tried to figure out and don't want to know... As soon as boost kicks in you can watch the needle go down.
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I data log, everything.

My current ride, 30/308 Skater with T/300XS, tops out at 102.5mph and gives me 2.0 mpg at wot.

In the last 8 FMO events I participated in, I averaged 2.27mpg, obviously not wot the entire time.

Yesterday I particaped in the FMO turkey weekend run, I ran a total of 152 miles, burned 70.0 gallons of 93 octane, thats an average of 2.17mpg.
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575s pushing 650hp cruizin LOTS
575s pushing 650hp WFO LOTS MORE
Somethings we just dont need to know!
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